Mar 3, 2006

Greasy Cheesy

ok enough of LOST and back to some nonsense everyone can appreciate. I did it again last night. I think I eceeded lactaids limit for greasy cheese products. damn that Pizza Nova and their cheap deals. instead of choking down 2 slices of my GF's veggie pizza shit, they have a 2 for one deal where i can get a meaty pizza all to myself. and being the fat bastard that i am, i take full advantage. about 20 minutes after the binge... my body went into purge mode. whoa man. It wasnt as bad as it could have been but it still sucked. I guess what I saved with coupons I paid back in gutteral pains.

On an unrelated related note, they finished our kitchen and shit, so were starting to move back in. while moving crap around and putting stuff away i found some old Garbage Pail Kids. ahh memories. anyhoo, the related note part is these three i pulled from the stack that provide for perfect illustration of the above paragraph.
(again sorry about the quality, taken with my phone)


Anonymous said...

Dude...get a digital camera or something.

Kirk said...

well mr.anonymous. i have one but im too lazy to bust out cables and shit.

with my phone i can quickly use the bluetooth connection to pull the pics.

no wires, no fuss!

deal with it.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

ahhhhh, brings back fond memories.

.....The kids cards....not your nastiness.

I still have some too stored away for the kiddies.