Mar 22, 2006

There is God

..and he created this little piece of heaven. Imagine with me, if you will bacon & cheese on a juicy hamburger pattie.. then take that mind nugget a step further and put it all between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. oh yea baby.

this assault on the arteries/tastebuds can only be purchased where it was invented. At a minor league baseball stadium in none other than Sauget IL. Sauget (pronounced saw-jey) is a little piece of shit across the river from St. Louis. my old band played at a 24hr, yes 24hour night club called Pops a couple times and everytime we stayed at the worst Econo Lodge in the United States, but thats another story. "Pops" was part of a Truckstop village of sorts that inclueded a gas station, and three, count em, 3 full-nude strip clubs.
oddly the memory that stands out is the hot dog vendor centrally located in the lot outside these places. Those were some of the best hot dogs i've ever had. I wish the donut burger was out then because we may have just went to check out the Gateway Grizzlies to get one.

ESPN Story

thanks to thesneeze for the heads up on this and the simpsons thing

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

We can totally make one of these ourselves and try it out. You go first. If your heart stops I'll know I should pass.

Did you notice in the article the stuff they made in prior years? This one takes the cake or shall I say donut.

P.S. I totally binged earlier on pizza, smartpop cheese popcorn and starburst jelly beans. Wish I had one of those.