Mar 20, 2006

"RO ADS.. row ads rooooaaaaaaaaaaadzzzz "

we took a little drive out to the coast on Saturday. I took some photos along the way. I forgot my camera, so i had to use my phone cam. I took most of them through a car window at 55mph so forgive the quality. I think they came out ok for a phone cam. northern CA. kicks ass.

(i love it when they have crayons and white paper placemats)

(there was some dude filming this helecopter taking off at the ocean.. Random)

wasnt that fun.


jimbizzle said...

Road trips rock! looks like you had a good time.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Beautiful pictures. I've never been/seen anywhere/anything like it.

Glad you had a good time. That burger looks gross and yummy at the same time.