Mar 8, 2006

Who's Awesome?

Me! That's right. After one of the worst months ever, getting my bank account kicked in its ass by my bank, then being just broke, depressed and displaced from my home for four months I think I'm on an upswing. We're back in our house for one. For two, I've been getting some email requests for my artwork and designablity skills. I'm still not sure if they are legit or will pan out to anything but it makes me feel good. One of my paintings is featured in the reader art section on the website of my favorite arty Magazine JUXTAPOZ. I'm about to be featured in "prairie Doggin" which features up and coming new artists on another of my favorite art sites My bottles are still up for viewing at the Boontling Gallery. And the girl at the Shakey Hand Gallery said my art is "selling consistently". man I rule. Also, if that's not enough..My band The Few has a gig this Friday! 9:00 at the Time Out in Concord! I'm still not out of the woods completely, but this is a good light at the end of the tunnel.
thanks karma you owed me one.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I'm soo happy for ya :)

jimbizzle said...

Did you sell the light painting?

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'm really happy for you. It must feel pretty damn good. Keep it up.