Mar 2, 2006

Possibly the best LOST episode this season.

here are my thoughts on some things i noticed.

97% sure the girl that helped claire is Alex. she may end up helping Walt and the Tail Section kids too.

Ethan IS an other, was part of the same group Zeke and Goodwin are part of.

there is only one group of others and they are connected to Dharma.

the injections were the same as the ones in the hatch desmond took.

at first when i saw shaven Zeke i thought "TWINS!" and the "he" they were talking about was the bearded Zeke twin. but then the fake beard threw me off. "he" might be Candle or another head of Dharma. the fact that Zeke isnt really bearded will hopefully dispel rumors that he is Degroot.

the baby wasnt "infected" so far, no one is. is the sickness made up just to scare them? what ARE the injections for?!

the others are highly organized and sophisticated. definatly connected to Dharma.

either they can get anything they want easily from the Dharma Halloween Store or everything they are doing has been thoroughly planned and supplied for.

if the medical hatch was staged to look abandoned, why would they leave thier costumes there? and if the costumes are part of the staging.. for what purpose?

are Kate/Claire gonna tell anyone what they saw? the whole time they were in there i was thinking that Kate knows about the ultimatum Zeke gave, and saw both bearded Zeke and the fake beard. Claire saw and remembers Zeke but will her and Kate put 2 and 2 together? Kate has to tell Jack and/or Locke about the costumes. it changes the whole dynamics of the situation. they are not savages.

Desmond may be part of this. coincidences seem unlikely given the evidence kate found. same with Henry. but on the other hand.... the losties are survivors, why couldnt Henry and Desmond be? they might be being played in the same game the losties are. this goes for Danielle too.

55% sure the others know of the Swan hatch and all the goings on there. (part of whatever game they are playing)

I think whatever Dharma is trying to do has mainly centered around small groups, Danielles team, Henry and Wife, Desmond, and even the tailies. and its worked fairly well. but they hadnt ever taken on such a large group of subjects like a full passenger jet liner. I think its become more of a challenge than expected. remember the convo with Ethan and Zeke. the manifest blew his cover and he had to improvise. things they didnt count on.

Libby. if libby was a mole, would she agree to help Claire. my girlfriend who has a BA in psychology said that "clinical psycologists" dont do the whole hypno, relax and breathe **** that libby did.. maybe some do but this could be a redflag that Libby was faking it just to pacify claire, not expecting anything to happen... and was surprised when it jarred her memory. if Libby is a mole.. at what ends? what is her goal? to steal arron? she could do that anytime like charlie did. i doubt she is a mole or an other. the tail group had Goodwin. the others wouldnt need 2 moles for such a smaller group, where as Ethan was enough for all of the Losties.

the mobile. its very odd that its 747's dangling from there. its obviously the one from her dream.. but the planes are easier to explain if it was just a dream.. but it was a memory of an actual mobile with jets like the one they were on.. i'd like to see a HD Screen shot of that mobile to see if it was an oceanic logo.. if it was then were in a whole new realm of conspiracy.

UPDATE- it looks like it was Oceanic planes.. oh shit.

Henry Gale is smarter than we think, Other or not, he's rattleing Lockes cage. Locke is pissed that he's weaker than he thinks he is. he rattled sayids cage a little too. With Jack i think he's gonna play on the helpless kitten angle. The only way to prove who he is is to find the balloon, but even then, the fake beard element really changes a lot. they can very well find a balloon. but it may end up being a Dharma Brand Balloon placed there and staged for them to find. thanks for the new twist writers.

the noise we hear when danielle is trying to help claire get away is most likely an alarm saying someone escaped. on that note.. did Alex get caught helping Claire, if so what happened to her? she is still under command of Zeke as we saw in the "this is our island" scene.. but is she in any capacity to help Walt?

this was the first episode with post-crash flashbacks. i predict similar ones with Walt and Micheal. hopefully desmond.

there was so much in this episode i have to still wrap my brain around.

do any of you give a shit?


Anonymous said...

I give a shit...I give a shit that the numbers are on the vaccine...



How good was this episode???

Anonymous said...

dude, you pay way too much more attention than I do.

fuck I barely know half the names you dropped.

hahaha, you are nuts.