Mar 17, 2006

It's Friday You Bastards!

So today started out OK, I showered last night so i could have more time in the morning. Doing that leaves me with wicked bed-head. And since i need a haircut, the Froda is kickin' today!
check it out!

also as I was driving out of town, I saw that the gas prices went up 3 cents from yesterday. you motherfucking moneygrubbing cocklickingpriceraisigscum bagsonsabitches. (say that five times real fast!)

then as I was in line waiting for the McGriddle i was to be Lovin' later, I heard the DJ on the Hot R&B and Soul radio station they always have playing say something about Brittney Spears being spotted in a schwanky resturant at dinner. Her new mutant baby shit its pants and instead of going to the bathroom to use one of those rad Baby Table things they have... she whipped it out right at the table. Now, driving with your baby on your lap sucks for you and your baby, but changing a shitty diaper at the table of a resturant sucks for everyone. Brittney you win. You win the White Trash Olympics hands down! congrats on that you fucking piece of dog puke.

speaking of dog puke... I was downloading the pics from my phone and found this in my gallery.
what the fuck is this? does my phone have a colonoscopy feature I didnt know about? so fuckin' wierd. can you guess what this could be? ...other than the insides of my colon. I'd imagine mine would have more poo in it. and mayby my car keys.

oh yea for all you drinkers out there, Happy St. Patricks day. make sure to buy lots of Irish racial epitaphs and drink heavily. When I was a kid our class went to the park to look for 4 leaf clovers. Since I grew up (and still live in) an area known as "The Cancer Belt", cleverly nicknamed for the 6 major oil refineries that pepper the area, we found many 4 leaf clovers, and some 5 and 6 leafed ones too. bonus!
I didnt wear green today because im not catholic and dont believe in Saints, I'm not Irish, and I'm not a drinker. bugger off you hooligans.

and get off my lawn!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

That pic. of you is downright frightening.

As for the other pic., I immediately thought it was an extreme close up of someone's leg. The top is a white, pasty thigh and at the bottom, I almost see the outline of a black high heel.

Who knows.

jimbizzle said...

Its a leg all the way. Maybe your GF took that picture on your nacked ass when traveling from one room to another.