Mar 9, 2006

best gum so far.

i say "so far" because i used to love other gum and it progressed. I used to dig on the Orbits Spearmint and Starbucks used to have vanillamint gum and it was the bomb but this new Trident is the shizzzz. I'm definatly digging the Vanilla mixed with Mint flavor in general.
I'll bet its good in what ever country packages it like this.
Side note: My girlfriend has aquired a new affinity for the old school white Tic-Tacs and pointed out that they taste like vanilla mint. so vanilla mint has been around for years but no one knew it or cared because who the fuck likes Tic Tacs anymore? besides my girlfriend. dont get the new "Tic Tac Bold" mints unless you like Halls coughdrops with a hint of Robitussin.


Anonymous said...

As a child I loooved the orange tic tacs... soo good!

Kirk said...

seems as though they pioneered the "fruit/citrus mint" flavor too.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Vanilla everything rocks. My mom smells like vanilla too.

jimbizzle said...

I really like the Dentyne Ice Vanilla Chill.