Mar 29, 2006

nothing wednesday!

i dont have anything really to talk about today. just that its still fucking raining. its the most rain ever for march in california or something.
anyway, here's some more random shit i have on my computer that i made.

LOST is on tonite tho!


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah - LOST - LOCKE Centric, I it should be a good one! I can't wait!


Rita said...

That is some random, wacky shit.

I love Fart Burger (poot).

jimbizzle said...

DUDE! The pudding spoon! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Amazing! Fucking Amazing!

Is that a really real carved pumpkin? I love the bread. It's all like spiritual "ahhhhh, bread, the savior." The snot rocket would make an awesome deck.

I walk past a skate/surf/snow shop everyday and I can't remember the name of it but it's super overpriced and very trendy. (They have the Roxy luggage I want in the window.)

Anyhow, there was this poor kid standing outside under the sign (about 14 or 15 I guess) sooooo embarassed because his mom was trying to take his photo with what I assume was his brand new deck and she kept telling him to move and she kept moving around and his friend was laughing hysterically and this poor kid looked like he wanted to climb under a rock because all us cool kids were walking by. That is a Kodak moment.