Mar 7, 2006

Kirby Puckett & I'm back home

Damn dude that guy died? I remember getting his baseball cards and laughing at his name with my friends. shitty. also, i think we have a new curse on our hands.. the curse of Superman. First Chris Reeves is forced to make shitty movies, then he falls off a horse and gets cripp't, then he dies, and now his wife got sick, now she's dead. I hear Kirby was a big Superman fan too. damn, how is Dean Cane doing these days? i know he hosts some shitty TV show now. He better stay away from horses.

ok back to some real important shit. I'm home from that unforgiving wasteland known as Arizona.

here's some pics from my adventure. first some drawings i did on the plane.

for some reason every time i fly i draw a plane going down in flames or something like this. i always wonder if i'll get flagged and arrested when we land. so i get nervous and start a new drawing.

here's some shit i drew while i was there.
i think i'm gonna try to paint this dude on the right later.

this is my GF's younger 1/2 brother who made the trip from San Diego to be there. its drawn from his Senior pic her dad had up. his name is Patrick, his GF, who came too calls him "Trish" wich i think is the funniest thing ever.
this is their dog Reilly who got a bladder infection while we were there and was pissing blood. I pissed blood when i had a kidney stone. for future reference dont get a kidney stone. It really sucked.
this is her dads 'hood. these are all the brown houses that look the same i was talking about from my last trip. yawn. her dad has a couple small palm trees in his back yard that arent "allowed" by the housing whatever. his neighbor reported him so now he has to remove them. screw that shit. here's the sky above the house. pretty rad.
as you drive out of his 'hood, theres little areas between houses and the main street to town thats still straight up desert. like imagine what you think a desert looks like, and this is it.
that was Scottsdale. anyway we went there for a surprise bday party for my GF's dad that his asshole friend Vaughn ruined by asking him what time his surprise party was
what a fucking tard. "hey Jim, so what time does your surprise party start? "
her dad didnt know we were coming so that was still a surprise. and Vaughn didnt even show up
i dont know who he is, but i'll bet $100 that he plays golf. what a dumbass.

here's some shit i took on the plane home. i've discovered that there really isnt that much shit to photograph on a plane, especially at night. you end up taking pics like this.and this...

i want to do a series of paintings based on this. I love this stupid thing. its like the worse comic book ever written. i was reading this thing, making up new captions in my head and making myself crack up. i was gonna steal it but again, i didnt want to get arrested. This next one is my all time favorite!!!


when i showed this one to Rita this morning she said the pull handle on the floor looks like a used tampon. thats how i got that caption. thanks rita

theres a million little pics that could be construed as something else. Next time gadget.

also my art show thingy.. it was too crowded to get a decent pic of anything so i skipped the photo op. it went well, my shit was in the window as to be seen bothways. there was tons of art. most of which was pretty fucking good. thanks to slim and kendra for helping me move furniture and the ride there. sergie, boaz & sarah came out. there was some old dude in front of the place making handmade sandwiches. it was like sliced sourdough and lunch meat from the grocery store. i was like "ha ha neat, sandwiches, how kitch" then i asked him how much he was charging, hoping he was just doing it to be funny and get some tips. then he said $5 and i instantly hated him and his stupid sandwiches. making crappy sandwiches in front of an art gallery starts to not be ironic and funny after you find out he's charging $5 for them. For $5 i'm going to Jack In The Box across the street. 2 tacos for 99 cents! people were buying them, i guess they really like Foster Farms Bologna and French's Mustard. ... anyway the show is up till April 2nd. check out their site for info on that. they might put some pics up too.



Jessica A. Walsh said...

It all makes sense now.

I know this guy who bartends around my house in a different dive each night and one day, he took out his wallet, and clipped together were over thirty individual Family Circle comics. The original caption was heavily crossed out and there in his precise, tiny as fuck, crazy person scrawl was a new caption. The comics took on a whole new meaning! They were all sick and weird and disturbing, but each one went with the artwork.

I have a feeling he has a secret room somewhere where the walls are just plastered with these things.

Thanks for sharing the artwork. I like how you erased 'Trish' into the side of the portrait. IT's the subtle things.....

Kirk said...

thanks for noticing. recaptioning is rad. one time i was hella bored at a starbucks waiting for some shit. me and some dude started writing captions and drawing shit on a newspaper some suit left on the table. then some chick on drugs with way too much makeup on started talking to us about how her boyfriend is a jerk but she still loves him. random.

Heather said...

dude...i just don't understand you. you can draw anything you think of but when i worked with you and tried to get you to draw something for a client you couldn't do you gotta get a job illustrating or something... are you still in that crap job doing cad? maybe start selling stock art or something...

Kirk said...

yes, yes and yes.