Mar 1, 2006

more savage!

i found this hitting "next blog" randomly... boxeReddy some dude from Belguim fakked up his finger.

weak stomaches be warned.. check out dudes grizzled middle finger.
more savage!


Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'll pass on this link. That was a fancy word you used and I can't repeat it without screwing it up. I do really work for a non profit but I'm sure you're smarter than all the other idiots that say, "you work for free?" We don't make a profit. We get grants and we keep to strict budgets and then we get more grants. Tell your girlfriend it's a good business. It's nice knowing that some rich bastard isn't benefitting off my hard work.....just the kids of Philly in my case.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Sorry, last comment.

I like her stuff. She's the one who inspired me.

FYI: I do have a private journal. I'm not big on the computer. I never heard of myspace until Christmas when someone said they couldn't find me on it and I looked like a jackass when I said, 'Who space?" I also haven't instant messaged a soul in five years. I don't even have it.

But yes, some things should be kept sacred.

Does girlfriend's mom make you pay rent up there? Must get cold.