Mar 21, 2006

Pimp My Phone

Well now i've had this phone for about a month and i've got it pretty well pimped out. Besides the hot orange covering i put on it, I've hacked my way to freedom. Here's a list of things I dont have to pay Verizon for.

-Email file transfer. I hacked the bluetooth wireless headset feature to allow full file transfer to my computer. Avoiding having to pay a fee to move files via the myphonenumber@vzwpix verizon email feature. Allowing me to move phone camera pics and videos to my computer or put songs images, ringtones or video clips onto my phone.

- Ringtones. I can completly bypass their GetItNow media store by editing and sending my own Mp3 ringtone files to my phone. Using luetooth i can wirelessly send these files to my phone without email charges or GetItNow charges.

-Mp3s. this phone has an mp3 player built into it, but as i stated in an earlier post, Verizon makes you pay them for music. not anymore. with the SD memory card i can just store songs there and turn on the secret non-verizon media player.

-Wireless Web. by changing some settings i can bypass verizon as a provider and access the internet. avoiding high monthly charges for this extra feature.

-Email. since i have the web on my phone i can check my gmail or yahoo mail. no need to use the verizon email thing that costs you money.

-Video. i havent done this yet but it works just like the Mp3s. since the media player is made to play Verizons rip off V-Cast videos, and if you have a large enough memory card you can save and play full lenght TV shows, Music Videos and I think Movies.

there is probably more stuff i can do. For example, i've read about using my phone as a broadband internet connection for a laptop. again probably free.

People buy these phones and have no clue as to the features they were designed for. as i said before when i got this phone. it has cool shit, but verizon turns it off and makes you pay to turn it on.. or acts as if the phone cant do the things you wish it could. Thanks to the hacker geeks and phone dorks at i have unlocked the full potential of this device.

down with the man!

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Anonymous said...

how do you know your not getting charged....dont be surprised if you get a $500 bill at the end of the month!