Mar 27, 2006

free pron!!11

My girlfriend and I went to the new KHOLS this weekend to spend the gift cards we got for christmas. We just moved back into our place so we needed crap like dishes and stuff, which they have an OK selection of. Personally, I dont think we'll ever set foot in a KHOLS again because we realized it's just an overpriced Mervyn's, and I dont even like Mervyn's. I used to go there with my mom and get HUSKY jeans. cuz I was a husky kid.

ok anyway, we went through housewares and got what we needed. Then on the way out she says "I need new underwear" usually at this point, most of my life the "little boy shopping with his mom" in me gets squirmish and uncomfortable hanging out in the ladies underwear section. But in the last few years I've been becoming less squirmish and more fond of that section. Guys, theres free softcore porn of almost nude models in their underwear all over the place! Why they are looking sexy is beyond me. Its for ladies right? maybe its that whole "look how hot i look, your lover will want to hump you if you buy these" factor. I dunno, all i know is that its not all that bad.

(i would have got a better pic but i didnt want to look like a total perv)

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Anonymous said...

Because you are a total perv!! :) and it's Porn not Pron! :) haha.. did she make you hold her purse while she shopped?? :) that'd be a funny picture..