Mar 27, 2006

weekend update

Kirk got a lot of shit done this weekend. by a lot i dont mean getting a spatula and looking at boobies. I finally got my ISUZU running! man that thing was a beast. it ended up being the timing.. we were 180 degrees off! so now after about 3 months i have my car back. this little car has been ressurected now twice!
most of the weekend i was at my parents house fixing my car. they have a beehive in a barrel.
its getting pretty insane. My dad called a beekeeper to come take care of it. The guy wants $50 to come take it. My dad asked him if there was honey in it and they guy said like 50 lbs of it. My dad asked him if he could save the honey and the guy said he takes it and keeps it. My dad thought that was fucked up because he wants HIS honey. So now, they still have this out of control beehive in thier front yard. Its sprintime so they are in high gear too.

Also I'm almost totally moved out of my storage unit. thats a huge bite out of my paycheck i dont need. My grandparents wanted most of the furniture so, score on that. the rest is small crap and junk. I found my old stuff tho. all my high school goofy junk that i collected and my old sketchbooks from high school. I'll try to scan some shit and show you how awesome i drew in 1991.
we also bought a chair. We got it at this kick ass Consignment place its hella comf but was uphostered in some old ladies summer dress material. so we got an outraguously overpriced slipcover for it and now it looks like a chair in a red bag. the place is coming along tho, the remodel is done...we have a kitchen! more pics soon. we have a lot of weird shit. (yes jessica, that is a PEZ pillow!)
We went to Home Depot which is always insane to do. they have so much crap there. Makes me want to build shit. we got a lightbulb. seemed like overkill but whatever. I saw this beautiful work of art in the parking lot.
its like a clown car/scraper combo. Meg was waiting for me in the car so i didnt get more pics of this thing. It had photos taped in the window covering most of the back windshield. pics of the owner in the pimp stance looking hard in front of this car, another shitty 80's buick stationwagon with big chrome wheels, and a couple other similar car/dude pics. and to top off the photo gallery in the windows of this thing, there was an 8 x 10 prom picture of him and his "honey". i dont get it. and yes, those are blue spinners. nice color scheme asshole. John Elway would be proud.

Then last night to top off the weekend of "getting shit done" we went to the health food store where I saw Interracial Lesbian Breakfast Cereal. awesome!
love never tasted so good.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

That is a pretty sweet Pez pillow. So is this the garage loft or were you there temporarily while this place was being remodeled? What is this place? It looks very nice. See, we're kind of moving together.

Years ago I got a PEZ afghan with one matching pillow. At first glance, you'd think it's your typical grandma's afghan which probably says something dorky about friends. But...take another look and the whole middle is the PEZ logo and all around are teetering stacks of loose PEZ candy. I love it.

Are you and Meg going to get married?