Mar 30, 2006

I'm staying threadless

so i submitted a couple designs to theres some cool shit there but they are damn picky. i got a nice reply to this design today about its approval status.
"Even though your design may be submitted properly, we do decline some submissions for poor design." cocksuckers! eh maybe it did suck. the competition is pretty stiff... i'd rock that shirt any day of the week! I also submitted these two but havent heard back yet.
i really like the nubs one. I hope they pick it. I'd rock that too. if they get picked I'll let you know and you have to promise to vote for me. ok?


jimbizzle said...

I'll vote only if they make 3XLT sized shirts!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I'd rock all of them especially the 'nubs' one? (The one with the weird dude). Maybe it's the colors you picked but to me, it's like a girlie shirt without being girlie at all because there's this weird 'nubby' guy on it drinking a cola.

I despise words that say shit so I do like really strange shirts I've never seen before. It makes a statement without saying a word.

The only shirt I have with words is "Club sandwiches not seals." I love that one. It's so right on.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

P.S. Poor design? What the hell are they talking about? I haven't the first clue how you made those pictures but it looks like marketing/advertising in itself.

Kirk said...

have you seen my cafepress store?

"l gay apt" was the word verifaction.

Rita said...

I don't think it was poor design. I think they declined it because it contained renditions of a Toyota, and they could possibly have some problems from the Toyota people.

It didn't suck.