May 11, 2006

hmm LOST, thursday recap.

Ecko is a crazy mofo!

well LOST was on last night, and for some reason i dont feel satisfied with it. I guess I was wrong about what this episode was gonna be but I was right with the "say alive long enough to rat our Micheal" part. except Jack is a retard and didnt understand what she was saying. why would she be so concerned with Micheal, jack? looks like they go on some Micheal adventure so i guess no one figures it out. bah! it also looks like we're gonna see Zeke again. the bearded guy. I wonder if Kate will tug on his beard to see if its real like kids do with Santa.

I also called it that it was Lockes fault Anna died. for not telling Jack about her and Henry. this episode looked like he was finally gonna start talking about shit. Ecko spilled his thing about the plane and his brother. I was waiting for Locke to do say he was in a wheelchair. of course he didnt tho.

anyway, Micheal is a little bitch ass for doing what he did. and he wasnt brainwashed because now he's feeling guilty. I dont know what he expected to gain from this.. well obviously Walt. but why did he think they would meet their end of the bargain. becuase he's a punk ass little bitch.

also there was a little time thing, when Libby goes to get blankets, and when Lock tells Jack about Ana and Henry, its like daytime and when they get to the hatch its dark. Micheal said it happened like 20 minutes ago. Libby got there lickity split. why did it take them so long to get to the hatch?

this episode connected Ecko to Claire via the psychic. Libby was also in the airport, but then again so was everyone. it seems like Ecko was Priestin' in sydney but why? i guess passports from Nigeria to Aus arent as important as ones from Aus to USA? also why was Libby there? well, now she's fucking dead and i guess we'll never know. fucking ABC. I hope they at least give us a Hurley flashback to figure out what the whole mental hospital shit was about. maybe we'll see her as an Other in some of thier flashbacks. that would be a twist.

I wonder if we'll see the little girl, the psychics daughter on the island?

ahhh The Pearl hatch. it seemed like it should have been more. and the revelation that it was just an psych experiment was kind of a let down too. Their lack of curiosity makes me angry. I'm glad, at least that ecko wanted to take all the log books back to the the camp. I hope they tell them what they found and they go back and dig around more. but they didnt with the medical hatch so maybe not. anyway... that tube leads somewhere!
also on the blast door map it refers to the pearl hatch but on a different place on the map. it says "possibly the pearl" on an outer secondary hatch. the question mark seems like it would be a bigger deal. but it makes sense it would be in the center if it was the central observation station.

the Orientation video was on VHS/Beta, different from the older style filmstrip in the Swan. also Dr. Marvin Candle was in this one too, but he was different. In the Swan film he was Marvin Candle, dressed like a doctor and had one dead arm. in Pearl film he is Mark Wickman dressed like a late 70's TV show host and had 2 working arms. Twins maybe? maybe its the same guy with a fake name. c'mon Candle, Wick... candles have whicks it seems like made up names. and the date on the tape was 1980 just like the other one. but why was the other one on a reel? maybe because they didnt have a TV. i dunno why not, they have a brand new washer and dryer.

in all this was a good episode that revealed a bunch of crap but added more questions. which are fustrating because the way things are going, they wont ever get answered. I doubt anyone will go back to the Pearl. I give this episode a 7 on the LOSTOMETER. would have been a 10 if there werent so many loose ends left undone.

youre not santa. you smell like meat and cheese.


Anonymous said...

Good shit, Nice catch on the names. I'm with you on all the rest of the shit.

jimbizzle said...

lost.... blah.

jimbizzle said...


Per your Mini Noggins... I didn't read any of your lost post. I don't watch lost. Don't enjoy lost. So reading your post about lost would do me no good.

Most of your blogs make me chuckle.