May 3, 2006

went to the Asian Market

my GF's sister wanted to go to the Asian Market so she could get some authentic ingredients to cook with. I'd never been so we went to check it out. They have hella shit there. and shit you dont think people would put into their bodies. wtf is grass juice drink, and why is it black? here's some pics i took with my phone as we browsed the isles. some of it is gross some of it is just funny because of cultural differences.
why is this in a plastic bag?

you said wang. ha ha!

they make tea out of Livers? eew.

fish heads, fish heads. rollie polie fish heads.
fish heads fish heads, eat them up. yum

this is for food appearantly.

talk about false advertisment. this has label has all the
ingredients for something great, but somehow i suspect it isnt.

what the fuck is this? what alien movie set did they steal this from?

coconut soda. i like coconut, i like soda. how could you go wrong?
the answer is, by it tasting like sour beer with a coconut aftertaste.
If you see this, dont be fooled. its gross.
CO CO County represent tho!

that was my trip to the Asian Market.


jimbizzle said...

Some of that stuff would be good for Steve, Don't eat it!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I wish The Sneeze would try some of that Kewpie mayo with the naked toddler on front.

phlegmfatale said...

i 'specially love the Kewpie mayonnaise. That squid thingie is kinda scary. I'll bet there's a twinkie inside it.