May 8, 2006

monday sucks

i woke up this morning thinking it was sunday and juiced that i could go back to sleep, then my girlfriend reminded me that it was monday. ugh. oh yea, i have to get up. I ate Taco Bell way too late last night and now i feel like ass. I painted again and hung out with some old friends. pretty good weekend. here's some pics i took.

went to a cinco de mayo party and they had this party decoration up.
gotta love racial stereotypes! some dude there drove up in this. I boxed him for it and won. just kidding. a guy who drives a car like that could totally kick my ass on coolness alone.
fucking sweet ass ride tho. After i saw this next thing i knew i was in the presence of real men.
a fuckin Kegerator! I dont drink but can appreciate the enterprising nature of these bachelors. I want a kegerator that has nothing but rootbeer and diet dr.pepper in it. ahh one day....
after that party a group of us ended up at Chef Burger. oh man that place rocks. total greasy spoon. our waitress was a surly 60 something with a marge simpson voice who called everyone "hun" or "sweety" makes you feel like your eating at grandmas house. if you have a chain smoking surly grandma.
here was the guy sweeping the top of the grill vents... while cooking my eggs hashbrowns and onion rings, awesome. for that extra special flavor.

Saturday my girfriend slept off the tequila in her system and i painted quietly. here's the fruits of my labor. this one is called "the lumberjack's shirt/be careful with your axe" I figured since i had that slab of wood all crusty with the treebark i needed to do something woodsy.

this one is just a goof. It's actually the Burger King bathroom by my work. its the first larger canvas i've painted in a while. came out pretty cool i think.

well ok. monday calls.


Anonymous said...

I think I got a girl pregnant in that bathroom. lol.

So, you ever tinker with my paint idea?

jimbizzle said...

I thought today was still sunday too. Must be something in the air.

phlegmfatale said...

that car kicks ass all by itself.
Love the checkered shirt on wood painting. Cute. Is it for sale?