May 12, 2006

the friday random.

ok on with the randomness..

first off, let me just say that I'm fucking done with Barry Bonds. that slacker cant play defense worth a shit. and he draws a bunch of fake ass fans to the games just to watch some bullshit cheater beat a record. more than half of the stands got up and left when he finished his last at bat, with an inning and a half to go. fucking jerk off posers.
look at that fucking cranium!!

my mom sometimes packs me a lunch of leftovers because since me and my brother moved out she still hasnt learned to make a meal for just her and my dad. my dad says she cooks "enough for an army" so theres always leftovers and it ends up with me. today i got a nice meatloaf sandwich. nothing like my moms meatloaf. she is sensetive to my Ketchup phobia and doesnt put that gross ketchup crust on it like everyone does. anyway, along with the meatloaf love she packed an apple. the tiniest apple i've ever seen. You see, my mom is also one of the hottest lunch ladies Benicia Unified has had for over 15 years. so she gets the overflow school food too. which i assume this Public School piece of shit midget apple came from. thanks Arnie!

I took out my own stitches. (i told you this was random) I woke up yesterday and one of them was gone and another one was almost out. the other 2 were untied and dangling there like a 1st graders shoelaces at 3:00. So i said fuck it and pulled them out the rest of the way. it stung a little but fuck it, its healed. I'm gonna have a gnar ass frankenscar tho. check it out...

I guess I'm growing my hair long again. so far, so good. Its just passed the "heavy enough to not fro" stage and almost to the "not wear a hat" stage. I used to have long hair back in my Metal-Head days in high school. I rocked.

1992------------------------------ today

more about LOST real quick. i was thinking about the psychic we saw on the last episode. i think either he was really a psychic and didnt want any attention on his family so he lied or he was really a fraud and was why he was so freaked out when he met Claire. maybe he knew about the crash of 815 because of his meeting with Ecko or via his daughter. He got really spooked by claire during their meeting either because he wasnt used to REALLY getting readings or because he was a real psychic and genuinly freaked by what he saw.. and after he met with ecko he figured it was an opportunity to take care of the situation. ...or he's just REALLY good at following people around and getting info on them. I dunno, this show is driving me crazy.

ok thats it, more next week. have a good weekend!


jimbizzle said...

We watched the game on tv at work. I saw bonds stumble for a foul ball and almost flipped into the stands. He sure was slow. Looked like his knees gave out as he hit the warning track. He needs to throw in the towel!

I love ketchup on my meatloaf, but I don't put it in the oven with it on top. I just a tomato sauce on top before I put it in the oven. I ketchup it later when its on my plate. Mmmm makes me want some meatloaf, but that's not diet friendly.

That's a kick ass scar! You should name it.

And last and still least... Lost sucks!

Anonymous said...

You're going downhill man.

Oh and those apples, I know the ones you mean. I hate those small fucking apples. Wtf. The person that grows those should be beaten with a teather ball.