May 24, 2006

new xander pics

and of course i've had my photshop fun with them. first here's some unaltered cuteness.

i know she hates it when i do this, but i couldnt help myself. the first pic up there was sent with the caption "he loves carrots" uhm, thats no carrot. we're shelton boys, this pic below is more likely.the rest are self explanatory..

this last one is kind of in bad taste, i hope she doesnt get upset. technically his head was already in a bucket.
LOST is on tonite! its the finale!!! woo hoo!


jimbizzle said...

That's great! The toxic tail and the bucket head and prefect. Good times. If she can't see the humor in those, then there is just no saving grace for her.

jimbizzle said...

oh... I forgot to say that the Cheetos one is great too, but those are cheesy puffs in the background... not Chetos.

Kirk said...

they are cheetos brand cheese puffs.

technically not cheetos, but still ok to use as a background

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Well, it's Thursday and I just read about the finale on CNN. How was it? Are you happy? I'm eager to see what you have to say about it.

phlegmfatale said...

pin the tail on the baby - LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

you are so talented w/photoshop your the greatest artist ever i wish i had half your talent. is that enough ass kissing to get some FT songs off you? :-)