May 19, 2006

weekend movies

i was gonna go see DaVinci Code because its pissing off Christians but the line was too long. so here's some You Tube goodies i found.

Fast Food Nation, The Movie!

How to kill a horny jock beer boner.

I thought this was funny. Brokeback to The Future Trailer.

ok this is horrible but it rules. i think its from Wondershowzen which i've only seen once but its insane. "The US Mint"

Mr.Show, David Cross, WICKEDSEPTOR, "show me your weenis"
this is the best thing ever. EVER!

that one had us rolling for like 2 years.

and this wouldnt be complete without CAR CRASHES!
new tunnel in russia + dumb drivers = entertainment!

this isnt from YouTube but its one of the funniest things ever by my homies at (click here and scroll down to AM GOLD)

have a good one, i hope youre computer doesnt suck because youre missing out.
-uncle kirkness

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jimbizzle said...

I saw some of these over the weekend. Pretty funny. My work computer blocks youtube. :/