May 30, 2006

4 day weekend

I took Friday off to go to the lake. my girlfriends friends have money and cool shit. like private lakeside property and boats and shit. we met them up there on friday and I pretty much watched everyone get totally wasted all weekend. it was so insane we had to come home on sunday morning.

I started taking pictures on the drive up there to capture the beatiful yellow landscape that is Northern Californa. we'll the hwy 80 drive part of it. its not much really. anyway... we got about 45 minutes into the drive and my camera battery fucking died. so you all missed out on anything having to do with the Lake or Caz's rad trailer on the lake. you missed out on pictures of Dillon's gnar finger after he got it smashed between the golf cart and the jack stand. you missed out on pictures of drunk girls in bikinis . you missed out on photos of frat boys with armband tatoos doing beer bongs every 10 minutes. you missed out on drunken bikini chicks popping a squat in the bushed behind the trailer. you missed out on drunk bikini girls puking on themselves and then crying about it. you missed out on pictures of Caz emptying the shitter in the trailer, and him talking about the awesome new "tornado valve" he installed in the shitter so he doesnt have to scrape shit off the walls of the septic tank. you missed out on video clips of the "MTV party boat" blasting hip hop through the "no wake zone" at 8:00 in the morning.

but most of all, you missed out on the one picture i wish i could have taken. which pretty much captured the essense of the weekend at the lake, was this one rediculously drunk, vacuous, blonde chick in a tiny bikini on the back of a wakeboarding boat dancing to loud house music. One hand holding a red cup with some bacardi mixed drink spilling over the sides every time she gyrated to the beat. dancing and waving a yellow bottle of pinapple malibu rum in the air with the other hand. while a fratboy is passing a beer bong to another wet drunk bikini chick behind her. and at the same time her eyes widening as another ugly as fuck fratboy with a lake water soaked hat turned backwards offers her a swig off the large yagermiester bottle. blurred but not completly out of focus in the background would be the other 3 boats tied together with at least 5-6 drunken bikini chicks and shirtless fratboys dancing to 3 different stereos blasting various party musics.

but since my camera battery died on the way up, you get to look at this. enjoy.

anyhoo, it was a pretty fun time. a little bit to crazy for me at times. i got some sun on my skin. when we got home we cleaned the lake dirt off of all our crap, unpacked and vegged out all day. there was a bunch of war crap on TV because of the holiday. we started watching Band of Brothers. you know what? it isnt a bad show. its like Saving Private Ryan, the series. its wierd watching Ron Livingston in other stuff because he'll always be Peter from Office Space to me. kept waiting for Lumberg to come out of one of the foxholes with a nazi helmet on and ask him for the TPS reports.

speaking of Office Space.. welcome back to work motherfuckers. its already Tuesday tho, which is like the extra bonus to the 3 day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you for not bringing extra batteries. I would have loved to see some drunken retards.


Kirk said...

extra batteries.. its a rechargable battery pack.. not some AA taking peice of shit throw away digicam.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I may never have gone to Northern California or California at all for that matter, but I find it hard to believe that there was not one convenience store on the entire second half of your trek for you to buy batteries at. Where the hell did the liquor come from? I''m sure more than one beer run was made.

phlegmfatale said...

just good clean fun. Upside to the non-functional camera is that you can focus on having fun rather than documenting the fun of others. Well done!

jimbizzle said...

Never leave your house with out your camera charger.

Great story and photos!