May 19, 2006

the friday random II

speaking of snot (see below post) this is the drool i was talking about in the last random.
this is my dog George with a couple of nice ones hangin'

speaking of nice ones... I equipped my drumset with not one, but two cowbells.
the Few officially has "more cowbell" thank you very much.

speaking of "thank you's" J-slim was kind enough to send me some randoms yesterday via the ol' mobile phone. looks like he went to the Asian Market too!
$5.99? what a deal.

speaking of slippery creatures from the sea.. i bet he had some lovely slimeballs coming out of him like it did this morning
i got this handsome self portrait along with a message that read simply.
I feel you Slim, I feel you.

well, i guess thats it for today's random. I hope justin doesnt mind i posted his swollen picture on the interwebs.

...till next time.


jimbizzle said...

Cow bells are nice, but do you still have the tambourine?

Heather said...

Zach (he's almost 2) has been playing your old drum set. He looks like he knows what he's doing... it's hella funny. I think I just read 2 weeks of your blogs. I haven't been checking in lately, been busy. Hope all is well.