May 5, 2006

its friday ya bastards

...and Cinco De Mayo appearantly. this is another one of those ethnic drinking holidays I cant partake in because I dont drink. I should be saying because i'm not mexican, but that doesnt seem to stop other white people from drinking anyway. so, to all you illegal mexicans that break your backs so we dont have too, happy Cinco De Mayo, have a shot of tequila on me.

In more important news... I was up till 1:00am painting this shit. enjoy.
i call this one "Proud Mary" thats a quarter to show size.

this one is currently untitled. it was inspired by freemasonry. look that shit up.

they should rename today Sammy Hagar Day. for more on why I mostly hate Holidays check out this shit i wrote a while ago. Kirk's Holiday Rant


jimbizzle said...

Proud Mary ROCKS!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I love the Masons painting. Very cool, intriguing, and mysterious...much like the Masons. I like the subtleties as well.