May 9, 2006

went to the Giants game

last night meg and I went to the SF Giants game at AT&T park, which used to be SBC park and before that Pacific Bell Park. see, thats whats wrong with companies buying the rights to name a stadium. and whats worse than that is all the companies buying and merging with eachother which creates monopolies, stiffling competition and drives up prices for the average baseball loving american! ok enough of that.. so anyway, a co-worker of meg's borrowed us her season tickets for last nights game. it wasnt a huge game for the team since it was a make-up game and Bonds wasnt playing. but we had fun anyway. that ballpark is awesome. even 3rd deck seats were close enough to enjoy the action. one thing tho. watch out when your ticket says row 2, its really the 3rd row because they added a trick row zero to fuck you up.
Going to that stadium is also sort of an emotional experience for me because we scattered my grandmothers ashes in McCovey Cove. The little inlet next to the park that homeruns and foulballs land in, while crazy people in Kayaks scurry to collect the balls. out there on a boat is where we had what i guess you could call her funeral. So whenever i'm out there i tip my Giants hat to her. she was a huge fan too, which is why having her service there was perfect. the bastards were leading 7-2 in the 9th inning and gave up 3 runs and almost let it get tied it up at the bottom of the 9th. i was so pissed. its funny and cool how emotionally involved you get into one stupid baseball game when you're there watching it in person. we need to go more often.

I like baseball


Anonymous said...

Baseball is only good when you're there.

jimbizzle said...

I love going to games. Any game live is fucking fantastic! I go to quite a few A's games. They are a lot cheaper then Giants, and the A's are my favorite team.

It's gonna suck if they move to Fresno. It's nice taking BART directly there.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I was at the Seattle/Cleveland game Sunday! in Seattle! I'm back now. ;-(

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