May 3, 2006

myspace secret messages

ok, so even tho i vowed my hatred to myspace, its still a way for people i know to contact me, so i swallow my pride and check my messages. today i got myspace whore spam, which isnt unusual. but today i noticed somthing. I selected the text to show someone how lame the spam message was and i got a surprise. a coded secret subliminal message! check it out.

here' s the message .
here it is with text selected.
whoaaa!! secret message! -what does it mean!!!!??? it means myspace is lame. i wish people would get the fuck off it and email me like a regular person. or fuck, comment on my blogs. wheres the comments yo?


Rita said...


jimbizzle said...

I comment.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I know shit about myspace. Does that mean a computer wrote you that message?