May 15, 2006

the monday suck


oh yes, its freakin' monday again. I can hardly breath because of pollen clogged allergy enduced asthma. my eyes are itching and watering. my nose is closed solid. I think i've sneezed a good quart and a half of nose jizz over the weekend. man i fucking hate allergies. at this time of year I hate nature, I hate spring. I hate the color yellow, i hate the whole beautiful cycle of life.. I hate the sun too.

speaking of sun... what the fuck is up with the god damned heat? I'm fat. I sweat. I cant go around naked. and if i could... IT WOULD STILL BE HOT!! Give me nice cold weather any day. at least when its cold you can get a coat. or a couple extra layers. fuck this heat man.

I'm gonna make an appointment with my doc about getting some serious Allergy meds. I wish i could make an appointment with mother nature and ask her to knock off the hot ass weather. Speaking of moms... I hung out with my mom and grandma yesterday for mothers day. I did a painting for my mom. Its a portrait of a Native American girl. She loves Native American crap because she's part Cherokee on her dad's side and part whatever native people lived in Panama before the Europeans came on her moms side. She really enjoyed it. then i got to hear from all my aunts and shit about how i could sell Indian paintings on Ebay. yea I'm sure i could really corner the market. And really make a killing off the blood and hardship of the native people of this land that we totally fucked over. that would be awesome. Maybe i could make fake Indian jewelry and sell it at truckstops too. I bet the local tribes would be happy. I'll get a pic of that up tomorrow.

I also painted this little guy. he's like 4 inches round.
i know this is kind of old news but i took a better pic of the lumberjacks shirt painting. no one seems to "get" this painting. its a lumberjack's shirt who cut off his arm with giant saws or an axe or something. notice the pinned up sleeve? its painted on a slab of log and I did Bob Ross "happy clouds" and everything!


jimbizzle said...

Dear god I feel your pain. I need to get some medz too. I can't just keep stealing Anja's.

I like the fat guy face. He looks so jolly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jimbo, the fat guy is oh so very jolly... I like it :)

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I wuz here

I never wrote in a bathroom stall at the boardwalk so I thought I'd tag the comments page.

phlegmfatale said...

no , really - I GOT it - i asked if you'd sell it to me. i lurve the round guy - too.

I'm with you on the fucking heat =- if I liked sweating, I'd fucking exercise. I'm wired for arctic weather, I think.