May 17, 2006

stuff and stuff.

well since I cant really focus my anger and daily irritations my blogs are going to get even more random.

welcome to wenesday. Lost is on tonite and as you know, its my new religion. So i was shocked when I checked out my Ex-Friend Jimbo's blog today. it read as such...

Against Every Ounce of Me

So my future mother-in-law called from her boat cruise crying. I was kinda freaked out, and asked what was wrong. She said she was going to miss LOST on due to being on the cruise, and wanted to know if I would record it on my DVR. Then she started laughing. Here I was worried about nothing! So here was my immediate response to her request...

WHAT?!?!?!?!? I hate LOST! Forget that show!

After quite some time of her begging I decided to go against every ounce of my body, and set a recording. She owes me... Owes me BIG! After all I make it one of my life long goals to never see that show ever! I guess I'll just have to play WoW tomorrow night and avoid the TV.

why you gotta hate Jimbo? when i asked him why he hated it so much he told me it was because he solves problems and thinks all day at work and doesnt want to be bothered when he gets home. so he watched mindless drivel instead. I guess thats why i like it so much, my day is kinda the opposite. when i get home i need a challenge. whatever. I'm gonna watch LOST with Jimbo's mom.

in other randomness heres a couple pics from my phone i took recently.
went to another Giants game. fuckin' Astros... did you hear that at thier game in Houston last night the Manager put in a new relief pitcher to intentionally hit Barry Bonds with a pitch?
not only did he hit him, once a graze then the next pitch after being warned was a direct hit, the houston crowd gave the pitcher a standing ovation. WTF is that? ! now, im admittedly not the biggest fan of Bonds, but thats just fucked up to cheer for someone getting hit intentionally. The Astro's pitcher and manager were thrown out of the game. read the ESPN story here

speaking of things that could take an eye out. I saw this at the phamacy. i thought it was funny.
"one size fits all pirates... Yarrgh!

speaking of pirates, well not really but this is my dog George.. he's savage like a pirate. well not really but he drools like a pirate!
"woof" LOST is on tonite... I still love you Jimbo, despite your hate.
and she's like "OMG"


jimbizzle said...

I'm glad you don't hate me. Can we agree to disagree? How about we get a burger and call it even?

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I don't care about Bonds or baseball but the article said he (pitcher) could be fined or suspended. I think he should be fired! What a disgrace! What if he actually hurt Bonds and he couldn't play the rest of the year? That reminds me too much of Karate Kid I when they swept the knee. I hate that shit. That pitcher looks like a f'n asswipe!


Kirk said...

put him in a body bag johnny!!!!

my old punk band had a song called "body bag" based on that one line from that movie.

"eat my shit, drink my piss

i forget the rest. our singer wasnt a lyrical genious.