May 25, 2006

roach coach de jour

ok so, on my way to the soda machine, i saw that the lunch truck outside. also known as the roach coach , shit mobile, junk truck.. whatever you call it. its the catering truck with the broken horn that plays a off key and off time version of "la cucaracha". its run by this Vietnamise couple that despite years of running this thing still cant speak english for shit. its the truck that makes the famous unintentionally "Teryake chicken burrito" they dont mean for it to be. but they use the same teryake flavoring on everything they cook, and use the bagged salad and veggie mix with carrots and peas and cabbage instead of lettuce. and they (as do most places) put ranch dressing on the salad even tho ranch isnt Asian, or mexican. well, anyway I felt compelled to check out what they had.
the boneless ethnicly flavored wings and tots looked good. it was mostly the tots that appealed to me. Something about tots that make me feel like a kid again. I kind of get that feeling when i eat off of styrafome trays too. overall its not bad. the tots are a little chewy, which is dissapointing. the chicken, which i'm convinced is always cat or chihuahua, is pretty tasty. anything fried in my opinion is good. I complimented it with a delicious dipping sauce made of yellow mustard and roach coach hot sauce. which isnt like any other hot sauce ive had. its not Pace, its not Taco Bell, and its not Tapatio.. its like a strange generic brand Asian hot sauce. anyway, its good with mustard and tots, or deep fried burritos.

mmm chimichanga!

oh and i guess i did take a pic of this. bass guitar made out of a Harley gas tank


jimbizzle said...

Roach coach is good, but makes my heart pissed off at me. At one of my old jobs their were two Vietnamese ladies that would cook the exact food you spoke of. I loved their egg rolls though. I was just like the ones I got in grade school.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

That's an awesome gee-tar

Dee S. Nutts said...

Wait, wait, wait. You have a truck that brings you lunch? AWESOME.