May 18, 2006

LOST thursday recap "island of morons"

this was a damn good episode. we got to see the entrance of another Hatch, we got to see Walt... everything was great, except for everyone being morons. anyway here's some things i noticed about the episode last night.

Alex and Zeke are the same Alex and Zeke we see in the Med Hatch. so there is only one group of others. Walt confirms this by telling micheals blind and def ass that they are pretending.

open your ears Micheal?!! you fucking douchebag.

there WERE vaccine shots in the drop shipment like i thought there was going to be. Charlie is a retard for A) giving himself one and B) giving them to the baby and claire without at least consulting Jack. these are the same "Vaccines" that claire wouldnt shut up about in Maternity leave. Vaccines i thought she realised she didnt need or want because Ethan was bad.
"hey claire and new born.. have some of this mystery hatch medicine i found"

"what is it?"

"i dunno but it comes in this neato injetor gun"

"cool thanks shoot me up"


how about this Claire:
"i dunno charlie, i remembered that i was taken to a med hatch with ehtan and they kept giving me some crap.. i think i shouldnt take it, but maybe you should give it to jack he might know what to do with it"

i hate these people. Everyone in this episode, except for Sayid (and sawyer) are idiots. C'mon jack why would he want to take effing Hurley's fat ass and not Sayid?! get a clue. and Kate, youre not off the hook, I'm still pissed at you about keeping the whole Claire Med Hatch fake beard thing quiet for so long.. (I hate Claire too for this)

Micheal is an idiot. i mean yea what could he do? but they let him go.. does he REALLY think they are gonna give him Walt back? I'm sure he could have figured out a different way.

Anna and Libby.. his note said bring back the four. not kill Anna.. so WTF? why would he do that? just to have an excuse to get Fenry out? seems like that was a drastic way to do it.

Sawyer told Jack about his romp with Anna. we'll see how that pans out.
"youre the closest thing i have to a friend doc'" awe how sweet.

Ecko has lost it. he is obsessed with pushing a button he knows is probably for nothing. It's rad he has faith still and the button probably does have purpose but why did he have to be such a dick to Charlie?

Where's Locke off too? i hope he's finnallly gonna explore the perimiter of the island.. (i predict another scene with the Cable...ugh the others camp is probably just passed it but they always follow the cable)

So that sailboat everyone kept saying they saw in the background of beach shots was really there all this time? I wonder if this was another way to tie in message boards pointing out production errors? I think its Desmond on the boat.

with the arrival of the boat i wonder if Micheals plan gets thwarted or at least postponed? I wonder what they're gonna do about him.

In the preview i think i saw a pile of pneumatic tube capsules behind Jack in a scene. so those pearl notes maybe do go nowhere.

People on my Shit-List this week are Micheal, Claire, Charlie, Kate and stupid Jack.
dishonorable mention to Ecko for being wierd and nuts.

this episodes MVP is Sayid for sure.
honorable mention goes to Walt for hangin' in there.

anything i miss?


Jessica A. Walsh said...

Ya know, I do read all these LOST posts and I do plan to get season 1 on dvd. Is this still season 1? I don't think you spoil anything at all because I don't have a clue. My second question is, is this show expected to pick up where it left off next season? I mean, how long can this go on?

If I said "Hey, Kirk, what's LOST about?"
How you would respond in four sentences?

jimbizzle said...

My Grandmother always said "if you don't have anything nice to say..."

But when did I ever really listen to her?

Kirk couldn't break down LOST to you in four sentences. He's to much of a LOST freak. You would get some insane, overly wordy, need a 10 minutes break in the middle of it type of answer.

Ok... maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Kirk does tell a good story. I'm sure it would be entertaining.

Kirk said...

a plane crashes on an island and the people on the plane, who survived with nothing but a few scratches, slowly discover that they arent alone and there are strange things going on.

for example, one guy, who was previously paralized can now walk, and they have a run-in with a Polar Bear in the first few episodes.

There is also a sub plot that is that most of them have issues which they left behind and being on the island gives them a second chance.

season 2 deals more with what was on the island and who is on the island with them.