May 4, 2006

That's, what I'm talkin' about!!

So after a 3 week break LOST came back with the vengance of a barbarrian ( and so did i with the whole chicken leg i had for lunch). Some shit went down in the hood. Killer episode! (literally) here's my random thoughts on that.

Micheal is NOT brainwashed, despite what everyone on the boards thinks. he just has a hard-on for getting Walt back. he'll even kill Ana and free an other if they even hint at him getting Walt back. He took off all crazy before after he saw the computer message. he's willing to believe anything if it has to do with Walt. So, he isnt brainwashed, he's getting taken advantage of in a time of weakness.

I know we cant believe fake Henry but he did say "they'll never give you walt" so i think they are just messing with Micheals head to get what THEY want. Walt isnt coming back.

when Sawyer is bummed that anna died its gonna stirr some shit up with the Kate/Jack/Sawyer dynamic.

speaking of Kate, she is pissing me off. and jack too. there were a few mentions of "bearded" and "shabby" people and neither jack or kate said anything. and by locke covering for ana, micheal was able do what he did. its all locke, jack and kates fault for not telling the truth.

What was Ana doing from the point when she dropped off jacks dad to when she was leaving. her and sawyer were in australia the whole time from that day at the bar, after christian died and all the time it took for jack to find out and fly to Australia. why did Anna wait all that time to go back? why that day? why that flight?

Some people are saying that the chick Christian went to see was Claires mom and that Claire might be his daughter. doubtfull. the chick didnt seem old enough to be Claires mom. and if Claire was supposed to be his kid, why would he be going to the mom's house? why would Claire be living with her mom.

i think the next episode will be about Libby dying and be Libby/hurley flashbacks like there was with Shannon and last night with Ana. They will hopefully go into why Hurley thinks he knows her from somewhere. I dont think she was dead yet because Hurley didnt seem that upset in the preview. In the next episode he will either be bummed he didnt get to lose his virginity or not care because he remembers how much of a nutcase psycho she was in the hospital and realises she lied. I think she'll pull through just long enough to say micheal did it. and in true LOST fashion Locke will be alone with her before she dies. she tells him and he doesnt say anything because he thinks he's "the one" ... in the preview it looks as if Micheal's locked up in the vault, maybe he does eventually get ratted out. Libby was the only witness. but i think for sure fake Henry gets away.

my only real gripe about season 2 is the lack of the monster or the numbers. that was one of the key elements that got me hooked at first. and just a side note, are the background survivors juse lemmings or what? why dont they band to gether and go on adventures? they seem to be able bodied people. and they know enough about whats going on. or curious enough to ask.
i'd love to see a group of them track down the radio tower, or investigate the cable, or do all those things that the main cast never does. theres gotta be more going on than them just sitting and waiting like little biznatches.
oh oh, and if you havent seen it, has been updated. completly redone with new secret shit that im sure will unfold more over the summer! appearantly they aired a commercial for the hanso foundation fake company last night but meg likes to flip during commercials and i missed it. they had a phone number to call. i havent called but one of the key things i reveals is the password to unlock some of the first shit on the site. the password is "breakingstrain". odd, but it works. check it out.

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