Jan 8, 2007

all i have left... are stinking holes!

happy fucking monday. I did drugs today. they were from the dentist. its weird i dont like being on drugs other than when it makes the pain of getting 4 teeth ripped from my jaw and skull...

so i went under the pliers this morning and got my wisdom teeth extracted. i was out during the surgery but now i feel like my head is going to explode. and i'm even on Vicodin. that shit is overfuckingrated. to make matters worse they popped off one of my crowns so i had to hightail it out to Emeryville to have my regular dentist put it back on.

man is my fucking mouth jaw and head sore.

here's me getting the gas.

and here's me high as a mofo.

the good news is, now that i dont have the half impacted, rot infested trench mouth, maybe my breath wont smell like a 60 year old guys ass anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Im soooooo sorry you had to go through that today! It sucks to have mouth surgery and a botched one at that. Hang in there and remember try to resist the urge to suck.