Jan 23, 2007

who's down with O.P.P?

Other Peoples Property that is. well not really, more like crap people didnt want anymore. I went to this salvage place near my work with Justin and Kendra on saturday. that place has hella shit. here's some pics of stuff.

box of old cell phones. man i guess these things are disposable. there was 2 other boxes just like this. hella nokias and motorolla clunkers. they also had a box of old remotes. probably to go with all the VCR's in the next pic.

remember VCR's? lol here's where they go to die

they have drawers and files of old photos

random computer shit. flux capacitors, hyperdrive motivators

"Today's Army" has black people in it

i would have bought this since i'm totally into old skateboard shit right now but the board was pretty beat and the trucks and wheels were generic. and they wanted $35 for this thing. if it had the original, judging by the stickers, SlimeBall wheels and tracker trucks i would have picked it up.

Photoshop 3.0!! this was the turning point for photoshop. they added layers in this version.

they had a pile of old cameras. we found an old camcorder that was exactly like the one in Back To The Future. thats justin modeling for me.

the toilet fields.
they also had sink field and a bathtub field. on the inside they had a labyrinth of doors and windows all stacked up in rows.

freaky hobby horse #1
freaky hobby horse #2
after i took this pic some peoples brat kid got on it and was bouncing like there was no tomorrow. i think he needed his riddlin.

they had this hair salon thing with the hair dryer deal from like the 50's or 60's. the coolest part about them is that there was an ash tray built into the arm rest! oh man times have changed.

tooth molds! there was a ton of them. Kendra got all grossed out when i was touching them and moving them like they were talking.

check this out. http://cbs5.com/video/?id=14299@kpix.dayport.com

ok thats all for now.

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jimbizzle said...

I want a field of toilets!!!!