Jan 17, 2007

Ice, Fish and god damned Carrie Underwood

if you know me, you know i have an opinion on pretty much everything. usually based in some kind of invented fact that helps my argument.

here's a couple that came up in recent conversation..

On Ice in soda.
rita: and I have a Coke ZERO, on ice
kirk: i think im gonna stop getting ice... im not a fan
rita: no ice? I have to have ice
kirk: it displaces valuable volume of the glass.. and when melted waters down the drink..when you're finished with the drink you have a cup of useless ice. and also it makes my teeth hurt.
kirk: i dont mind tepid soda
rita: ahhh, you are sensitive to cold
kirk: room temp is usually cool enough

on Carrie Underwood
rita: my parakeet Alice hates Carrie Underwood, by the way
kirk: Alice and i would get along well... i hated Carrie Underwood since she went on Idol. its not American COUNTRY Idol. theres like 5 other stupid country star wanna be shows she could go on.

On stationary pets.
rita: yeah, she is a cool bird she clicks when she doesn't like music and she sings when its good
kirk: not a huge bird fan tho
rita: well, she's not a huge bird so thats cool
kirk: i have something against pets that are for the most part stationary..
fish and birds are basically furniture
kirk: i have an aquarium screen saver.. its basically the same thing.. cept i don't have to feed it and the water never stinks
rita: She is actually pretty mobile
kirk: mobile birds are ok i guess.

thats all for now.


jimbizzle said...

You and Rita bitch too much at each other. Can't we all get along?!

Rita said...

Jesus H Tapdancing Christ! I never realized how inane and boring our conversations are!

But the thing about Alics stands. She is an excellent acid test for good/shitty music of all genres.

We will just have to agree to disagree on the ice deal.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys sound like the adam corrola morning talk show where he gets on a rant about how something he thinks is stupid. Like when kids now a days grow up with helments and allergiies and there are less smokers in the public but more kids with athsma. Where as 50 years go no one had asthma and everyone smoked. I like that you both have your own points on the same topic they both make alot of sence.


I dont think the conversations are boaring sounding. I would have loved to chim in on any of them including stationary pets and ICE!