Jan 17, 2007

Hello Paula!

OK so I'm leaning towards some kind of disability for Paula Abdul. I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. below is a clip from our local TV morning show of her being interviewed and the host said in the middle of the interview.. "do you always wiggle around like that, you're moving all over the place" she just replied "im a dancer, im doing my dance moves" as if she's aware that shes doing it and making excuses. someone who was drunk or on drugs wouldn't be that aware of it to make an excuse for it

here's the clip

anyway, same ol' Idol The messed up thing is that they put them there on purpose. During the preliminary auditions when theres thousands of assholes trying out they weed out the mediocre. A friend of a friend who can sing pretty good tried out in Hawaii... they told him he was good but not good enough for the TV auditions... and also said he wasnt bad enough for the TV auditions either. so its kind of fucked up when they know the people think they are good but really suck get their hopes up even more when they let them through to the TV auditions and then have Simon rip them a new one. its one thing trying out and being told you arent good but to have producers lead you on is wrong in my opinion.

its getting less entertaining each season. i hear they let Simon and Randy rip on mentally challenged people next week. Notice i didnt say Paula? Not because she's the "nice one" but because she's so out of her mind they pan away from her even when she's talking. most of the time last night she just nodded with her hands in her face. something's up for sure.

this guy didnt make it on tv, but check out his shirt... old school Randy Jackson dawg!! this guy rocks!

here's some more Paula interviews where she appears drunk, high or showing symptoms of some kind of disablility.


Anonymous said...

It looks like she has michael J fox illness. (parkinsins<---sp)

Rita said...

I think the episode where Simon supposedly ripped on the mentally handicapped was on last night. There was some bug-eyed kid and some other Augustus Gloop kid. Simon wasn't really all that harsh, though.

I guess even HE has his limits.