Jan 15, 2007

the youngness

i was at my parents and I stole a few old pics from when i was a young'n.
enjoy the hilarity!

as a wee tike with my dad. i think i ate sand this day. theres another pic with sand all up in my grill but i couldn't find it. sorry.

thats me on the right. i told you i used to skate.
me in the middle. we thought this pic was gonna look so cool when we set it up. we were lame.

this is me and my best friend jer showing off our Civil War money and crack.. i mean rock candy at Fort Point SF. this is around when i turned into a fat kid.

and this... this is the photo that ended up in my High School Yearbook for my senior picture. the parents opted for the one in the cap n gown.
what a hot stud i was, I'd do me.


jimbizzle said...

You had Metalica hair!

Hurray for fat kids!

Anonymous said...

Shoulda kept the hair

Anonymous said...

Kirk.. you're the most adorable thing ever

Unknown said...

Dont forget the cast you were hiding behind your back.

Anonymous said...

High Five for fat kids!!!! gmxaas. Ya know some people LIKE jimbo look the same from baby to adult. You are not one of them I coul dnot pick you out of a crowd to match that top pic with your dad on sand day.

Rita said...

All of the pictures of you and your friends remind me of that crew on The Sand Lot.

Did ya'll play baseball in an abandoned lot? Or poke a dead, bloated corpse with a stick?