Jan 16, 2007


we had some friends over to watch Talladega Nights last night. Sarah made brownies and Andrea brought over her new puppy. After she took it out to do its business he fell asleep.. and we started smelling this smell.. we all thought the dog farted.. but it smelled like fresh shit to me... when we got up to see our other friend out we saw where the shit smell was from. she got it on the side of her shoe.. it was scraped off onto our coffee table and she sat with her foot under her other leg so it was all on the couch too.. and the carpet. it was a shit fest!

She had stepped in George's shit mine field on the patio. she thought it was just dried tree stuff, so yea it was pretty shitty.

sorry no pics. use your imagination.


jimbizzle said...

ugg... I can almost smell it myself.

Anonymous said...

Did she altleast help clean it up? I cant imagin how the fuck they got thris product on the shelf looking lieke poop piles in a bowel. What PR marketing looser did they hire a kellogg's?

Rita said...

I think its funny that your nose can discern the difference between a dog fart, stale shit, and "fresh" shit.

You should really use that power for good, not evil.