Jan 18, 2007

school part 3

Well, last night i made an impulse descision to take the 3rd installment of the Photoshop/Digital Imaging class at DVC. Meg is taking a Business/Accounting class on Thursday nights so I looked through the available classes for Thursday night i might be into and there it was so i said fuck it and registered.
This intermediate digital imaging course builds on the foundation learned in ARTDM 111. The deeper and more complex topics of digital imaging will be covered. Students will explore digital imaging for interface design as well as the creation of graphics for print, web, video, motion graphics and interactive CD/DVD content. Design and content will be stressed. Topics will include advanced image compositing, advanced color correction, filters, vectors, and text.

This is a course that builds on the intermediate concepts of digital imaging. Students will engage in production of bitmap and vector images suitable for printing, multimedia presentations and web delivery. Topics will include advanced use of alpha channels, advanced color correction, advanced production text, import/export issues and imaging for the web. The course will involve hands-on work with a variety of digital workstations and multimedia software applications.
the course description sounds like this one goes into illustrator and animation, and its a different teacher.. so i think it might be cool.

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