Jan 5, 2007

p F h U o C t K o I f N r G i S d H a I y T

in no particular order.

how do you plead in the murder charges against you? ... not guiltee yeroner! i had a terr'r hunt'n purmit!

somehow i dont think this thing is official.

this is where I work with. see me?

my dad refuses to use the ash try in this car. so instead he uses a cup or bottle with water.
tobacco tea. its pretty gross.

new years eve party. this dude was belligerent when we got there. he puked then passed out. what an asshole.

in the hallways at the practice studio i kept walking by this graffiti cover up white splotch on the wall. to me it always looked like a car with legs. so i finally drew it up. now its Art!

from the new years eve party i went to.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a damn good attempt at grafitti. I have a tip or two for you to snazz it up if you like. Your such an amazing artist I would not want to insult you by just offering up the tips.... I love it thought very hip hop!!! good use of arows! I think I wanna start up again and use a new name. I think Im gonna tag Buckle! or Buckel up using an arrow in place ot the work UP and I can doodle a little buckle with the word tight huh! Any how damn good photo blog! In the work group photo I just looked for the one guy that looks like a harry bum and I spoted you off the bat, Your the guy in the back next to the big guy in red on the left. looks like you have on a pink beni.