Jan 15, 2007

My gumholes are ok!

so all weekend i was freaking out thinking is sucked out my blood plugs. I did a search for Dry Socket and started comparing symptoms. I was sure i had dry socket or some kind of infection when i went in for my follow up today. Of course i was wrong. my holes are healing just fine. the pain and soreness i'm feeling, he said has a lot to do with him having my mouth stretched open like a 18 yr old at a porn audition for an hour. so i'm fine. Cant help feeling like Ren in this classic Ren & Stimpy episode.
every kid that hates brushing their teeth should watch this


Unknown said...

you're a big ol' pessimist! I knew you'd be ok... didn't I say that?? :)

Anonymous said...

OH snap! painful!

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

It would be impossible to overstate the love that my 5 year old has for Ren and Stimpy.

The stinkier, the better, according to him.

And if you argue the point, he'll call you a Chicken Butt. And fart in your general direction. And then run off laughing.

It's gonna be a long 15 years.