Jan 19, 2007


damn, here it is lunchtime and i almost forgot about Foto Phriday. sorry kids..

here's some pictures. shitty shitty bang bang we love you!

i saw a delorian the other night! back to the future!

i saw a gross PDA at starbucks. these two people were all over eachother in front of me in line. she kept grabbing dude's ass and squeezing. i missed the squeeze but got her hand in his pocket shot. after they ordered the were rounding first base but got tagged out at 2nd by the fact that they were in public.

what kind of a sign is this?

newspaper graffiti.

took this through the big end of some binoculars. you can kinda see the bill of my hat.

someone lost some kick ass shades

watermelon car!

this was a "Race Limo" a dodge charge limo all painted like Nascar. how retarded is this?

this was my phone for a while. this thing was a hunker! 10" with antenna out. it was indestructible tho. took some damage while i was on tour. the only thing that killed it was when i dropped it in a toilet. i kinda miss her. maybe i'll re-activate

remember those dance party videos i posted a couple weeks ago? well, I found a way to pull youtube files off youtube and save them in a format i can edit in windows movie maker. pretty cool shit. anyway, i was trying it out and made this from some of my phone cam videos i had on the 'tube.

ok till next week.

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