Jan 11, 2007

I'm back baby!

you may have not known but my trusty Isuzu took a shit about 2 weeks ago and i've been riding to work with my chainsmoking dad and his coworker. Other than the emphysema it hasnt been to bad. I just hate being without my car.

on a very cold day just like today, on the way to work my engine just started cutting out. it was farting a sputting really bad. I had just filled my tank so my first thought was bad gas. It was also the coldest frozen day for the season so i thought it might have something to do with that. Later that day my dad (who is a mechanic) and I looked at it and tried to figure out what it could be. we checked and replaced some of the easy and most likeley things but it still ran like shit. over the past two weeks we've been pooling resources at parts shops and fellow car heads about what it could be. everyone had thier theory... "its the fuel" "its the Mass Air sensor" "its your blinker fluid" we figured out how to run the diagnostic codes ourselves but the over the counter repair manual was a piece of shit, as usual. i swear those things should just be one page that says.. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. step 1. remove negative battery cable. step 2. Fix problem step 3 reconnect negative battery cable. if you've used a Chiltons book you know what i'm talking about.

So anyway, after 2 weeks and nearly $40 of replacing little things and busting our knuckles we get a little extra help from my friend Caesar who owns a shop in the city. he took the codes we got and read to us, out of REAL repair manual how to actually find and check shit. the first thing we checked was the Ignition Control Module. I felt around where he said it should be and felt what felt like the Ignition Control Module... but it was just dangling there like a christmas ornament. AH HA! it needs to be attached to ground the circuit. while it was loose it was making an intermittent connection making it run shitty. 2 days ago it stopped running so thats when the last screw must have fallen out. $1.67 later we replaced the 2 screws tightened it down and it ran perfect again.

fucking cars. anyway.. I'M BACK BABY!!!

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Anonymous said...

whoooo hoooooooooooooo! i WISH MY CAR TROUBLE WAS THAT EASY! High five!!!! How are the teeth doing? or actualy the gumms where the teeth were?