Jan 5, 2007

chek this shit out

Now that we're through with the obligatory Friday Photo blog. here's a real blog about something.

First check out the new subtle changes to the noggins. new title bar. new wider width for 2007. also, if i played my cards right. the images should be larger. eh .. maybe not. i still have to figure that one out.

its bigger but i cheated

ok, so take a look at this pic. i walk by this designer ceramic tile place when i go to starbucks and this is the 3rd time i've seen broken tail light pieces around this pole next to their parking lot. maybe they need more yellow reflective warning strips on it? I swear people. its called a rear view mirror. use it. I blame the trophy wives of trendy hipster rich guys that think they are getting to be creative by picking the tile out. Those bitches in thier high end japanese SUV's. or its the metro guys that think they are hot shit redecorating thier house.

either way they are to into themselves to learn how to drive. and probably think its someone else's fault for putting the telephone pole there. funny, the Mexcans that work for the contractor you hired never seem to have a problem backing out of a parking space.

I hate people.


Peter @ Enviroman said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post How to get rid of border in images uploaded via Blogger post editor photo upload icon. I have responded to your comment.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH I think more reflective tape will do the triCk!