Jan 3, 2007

"skate or die dude"

so its semi official. I bought a skateboard and i think im gonna really make a half assed effort to skate again. I havent really seriously been a skater since 8th grade. I stopped when i had a tendon problem in my leg. then i got into music and satan and all was lost. I bought a deck in 10th grade but sucked, lost interest and drums kinda took over. then in about 1998 a friend built a halfpipe and i got another skateboard and learned to drop in and do grinds and shit. then i fell and realised that if i hurt myself i couldnt get that big record deal i dreamed of. so no more skateboarding. then after i got that record deal and went on tour buying another skateboard to keep on the tourbus sounded like a good idea. so me and jesse skated and sucked but it killed time. then we came home never to tour again. fast forward to now...
Meg got me a reissue of the board i first had in like 4th grade to hang on the wall. and her 12yr old niece wants to be a skater so we got her a new skateboard for xmas. that got me rekindling the old feelings. I talked to Justin about it and he (who used to be hella good at skating) got nostalgic too. so we got new skateboards. he isnt bad now tho. he called me from the skatepark "I'm back baby!" he pulled some 360 flip switch something or other over the thing. something he thought he couldnt do. see my problem is that even if i get back to how good i was back in 1989 I'll still be shitty. jslim pulls off shit the pros in 89 couldnt do. the bar has been raised but im fat and old now.

I just mainly want to have some good outdoor fun. since i dont play sports theres no 2 hand touch (gay) football games in the park for me. so skateboarding it is.

i need to dig up some old photos of me when i was a chubby skater kid.


Anonymous said...

I think its totaly cool that your getting back into an activity that will potentialy myle you healthier if you dont fall on your head or anything else ect. You ever wanna good laught watch Rob and Big on MTV when Big is trying to skate board and he falls nto one but 2 times. So good! But i have a feeling your probly anti mtv

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Just don't pull a Gary Busey, although that guy puts the fun in dysfunctional. Who knew that massive head injuries could be hilarious? Gary, you crazy bastard.

It also dawned on me that commenting to the email that I receive doesn't preserve my words for posterity, so from now on, I'll only comment here.

Yea for me. But mostly, yea for you. Don't bust your ass.