Jan 26, 2007

eff are eye dee eh why?

why? because i love you. suck on this friday photo bloggness!!!

I T ' S F R I D A Y ! ! !

lets start off with some artwork... some doodles i've been doing. this one i photoshopped.

this is a stencil i did for J-Slim's skateboard. its supposed to be B.I.G. but eh. on a related note: J-slim got a ticket for skateboarding. Fucking five o's caught him ridin' drrty at the skatepark with no pads. fucking lame.

ok now some stupid pictures..

this one is for you Rita

how more perfect can you get? you get to beat up a Referee piƱata!

now we all can be winners!

you said cock. ha ha ha.. what if this was your last name. what if this was your last name and your first name was Mike. hello, Mike Cockburns.

i wish this pic was better. I dont know if you have these where youre from but it says "SENIOR XING" damn we could be here all day!! move it old lady!! you'd think there should be boyscouts on each end of the crosswalk just waiting. that's where i'd go if i was a boyscout.

man i REALLY wish this one came out. it was a locksmith van and along the bottom it said something like "Drive safe, we cant make keys in heaven" WTF lol ..

and last but not least....

have a nice weekend. CANDY NUTS!!!! ha ha ah ah ah ahahahahiofdhasdp8o9asdo misdfa809&_)&#P(*YEEAY(*(PNTEY*EASTHO!


Rita said...

For the second time in a week, I have bathed my monitor in a shower of spittakes:

Mike Cockburns

Nuff said.

Oh, and death to Bozo.

jimbizzle said...

I went to school with someone who's last name was Adcock.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn Candy nuts! are they Gummy or just sugar coated??