Mar 5, 2007

where's the rest of the Fritter i payed for?

So I went to Starbucks today and got my usual coffee with soy and apple fritter. I always liked the Apple fritter because its larger than the average donut. It costs more but its worth it. because its bigger. Recently i've noticed that the Apple Fritters at starbucks have gotten about 30% smaller. But strangely, the price has stayed about 100% the same. They have old fashioned donuts now too that are about normal donut size but they cost the same as the apple fritters.

Look Mr. 'Bucks i'm not paying 1.85 for a damn donut. for a typically larger than donut, fritter i'm ok with.. but not for a damn old fashioned donut. and not for a damn rip off mini Apple Fritter.

- fuck you starbucks


Rita said...

They BOTH look like what Weenie the Wonder Dog drops in my flower beds every morning.

Leave it to Starbucks to figure out how to make people buy dogshit and LIKE it.

jimbizzle said...

Starbucks doughnuts suck! Don't you have a Wenchell's or something near by?