Oct 31, 2006

Halloween! for reals this time

you didn't think i was gonna go with volcanoes for the Halloween post did you?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Survive a Volcano

well I'd imagine it would be pretty fucking hard. but here's what wikiHow had to say about it.
step 1. Prepare for the worst.
lol, i guess so.

How To Survive a Volcano

happy Halloween.

Oct 30, 2006

monday roundup

here's some pics i took from the past couple weeks. its not a lot but thats probably a good thing.

here's my grandparents at my grandpa's 78th birthday. yea i know my grandma is hot. easy kids she's like 75 too.

this is from my 30th birthday. I took a picture to prove to you all that i really do have friends.

here's the root beer loot Meg got me for my birthday!

The cat, Mr.Pigglesworth hates everyone, especially the dog, George. Yesterday they were both in lazy mode so much neither one of them gave a shit and chilled out on the bed with meg. it was picture worthy.

and last but not least... this is Meg and I's Halloween costumes.


Oct 24, 2006

Bomb Day!

holy crap, someone called in a bomb threat on my school. I didnt really give a shit today because i dont have class, but then i got an email from my teacher and school is gonna be closed tomorrow too. nucking futs. some places get snow days. I never had a snow day... but now i can say I had a bomb day. thanks terrorist wannabe types, no class today! It was probably some nutty lame kid that wasnt ready for the midterm exam.
DVC thanked the following agencies for their timely professional assistance:

Pleasant Hill Police

Concord Police

Walnut Creek Police

Bart Police

Contra Costa Sherriff’s Office

Contra Costa Community College District Police

California Highway Patrol

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

United States Department of Justice

- FBI? Dept of Justice? holy shit thats major. but they forgot to thank the Viking Cheer Squad for thier unappropriately cheery & colorful DVC IS CLOSED TODAY! signs.


LOST! randomness

ok its that time again.. more random thoughts on LOST.

the sickness....
what is this "sickness" Danielle talked about? thats another plot line they never really came through on. also, Kelvin proved that there was no sickness to be quarantined from.

Danielles Maps
the thing that intrigued me the most was danielles maps having the numbers on there. she had em listed over and over. coincidently in the same arrangment as a connect four game. there was a math geek thread on this with people trying to solve the calculations on her maps, that seemingly went nowhere but if Danielle IS who she says she is, what was she trying to figure out? was it fragments of her memory coming back from before she was lobotomized by the others? thats a whole other theory. we seriously need a Danielle backstory.. and since they've been holding out on a danielle shipwreck episode.. i think her version of her own story might be a lie, or a lie planted into her brain by the others.

Lenny and Connect Four
a lot of people assumed he'd be using the "numbers" to beat hurley at connect four. but given
that he knows about the curse of the numbers he wouldnt do that. would he?

Juliet, Ethan and Ben
Juliet was upset in the beginning of the premier because maybe juliet cheated on ben with ethan then left ben, and ben being the leader sent ethan to go to the fuselage and didnt really feel remorse for his death. juliet still holds a grudge. possibly before the first scene with juliet there was a meeting about who would be a part of the team sent to rondevu with the crash, which was expected to come some time soon. and he chose Ethan, who he knew was unexperienced or not ready for the job, to spite Juliet.

The Swan was Fake Theory
the swan never really did anything. the magnetic anomoly was generated by a machine in the swan and the button was in fact an psych test. the magnetic build up that came from the system failure was part of it.. it looked bad so the inhabitants would be scared and continue pushing. the failsafe was dharmas way of turning it off. the light show was to add more significance to the inhabitant that finds out about it and turns the key. they go unconsious. then dharma pulls them out and "implodes" the hatch. they wake up discombobulated. something like that.

part of me is thinking the plane crash wasnt related. the earthquake and the system failure were but that had nothing to do with the quake. also, i think Kelvin trying to leave was connected to the others knowing the plane was coming. desmond missing the button was just a result of him chasing kelvin out of the hatch.

kelvin was in on it the whole time. Why, knowing there was no sickness be wearing the mask if he was alone? also why would be on the beach at that exact time? he was expecting Desmond to wash up, and put the mask and suit on in case he saw him.

since my theory discounts any real anomoly I can only say that Rose's cancer went away and her doctors were wrong or dharma. part of a bigger plan to get her and bernard to Aus to see the healer. why, i dont know. but thats part of my "dharma engineered thier lives to end up on 815 theory" similarly with Locke. his paralasis may have been more mental than physical. or induced by Dharma somehow. And Jin being able to concieve as a result of being on the island? this is easily disproved by Sun being a lying whore.

Locke talking to the island in the last episode
the Island isnt talking to him.. he was just trippin' out on whammy paste. he knew that ecko was missing and needed to be found.. boone telling him "they took him" didnt mean anything because it was a polar bear that had him

Jacks Tattoos and being "Repo Man"
i cant remember but was jack a doctor when he got called to pick up his dad? maybe he left his practice.. went to Thialand and got all down n out... ended up being a repo man.

is it possible he wasnt totally lying? why would he just pull "repo man" out of his ass?

what happened in the wake of the sara/dad fiasco till the time he ratted out his dad? and then how much longer after that did he go to Sydney? Sara still fresh in his mind ie: the nickname for anaL. and maybe "Tom" was the name of the guy who Sara was really seeing... and Christian was jealous even tho he wasnt actually having an affair with her.

DAVE is real theory
i rewatched DAVE again. Dave IS real, he is part of the whole dharma set up on the losties. the hospital, Libby and even DAVE were all dharma. thats how DAVE was on the island. because he's dharma. also, how did hurley get the keys for the window? i think they were planted there by dave while he was sleeping. provided by dharma. I cant explain why, but it all kinda fits.

ok sorry if none of that makes sense. its just taken from my various posts on the Lost message boards. new episode tomorrow! im juiced.


Oct 23, 2006

monday fuck shit cock

happy monday, my birtday was rad. thanks to everyone that participated! it really meant a lot. I got a lot of rad presents. Meg went all out it was fucking awesome. I love you meg!!

I'm sick from rootbeer. I'm not going into details, if you were there you know.

I painted! thats exciting enough as it is... I intended this to be for a Dia de los Muertos show but i think i missed the deadline. oh well, i still think its rad. it says "I DRIVE A HYBRID" at least i hope it does. i got the translation from dictionary.com. the prius is glued on.

also there is a Kiln where meg works and they cleaned it up for me to use. Her friend that owns the kiln got me some clay and glazes for my birthday. look out fuckers, here comes some kirk sculpture! I did ceramic sculpture in Highschool and loved it. then i took a class at DVC and loved it more. i havent done it in years.. im so stoked.

Oct 20, 2006

My Sheikh Brings all the Boys to the Yard

lol halo-monk from deviantart.com created this rad animation to make light of all the drama that painting caused over there. good job man.

Oct 19, 2006

best birthday present ever!

thank you! I just took a dookster and it was a clean break! that means no poop on the toilet paper on the first wipe ... that's the best thing i could have ever asked for... and to top it off.. it was a HUUUUUGE nugget of birthday goodness too! look!
happy birthday to me!

the oldness

I remember when i was younger, like you know yesterday... lol just kidding, but seriously. when i was a kid 30 was like the benchmark for being old. "no way not till im like.. 30" well, whatever it is those kids were talking about, I'm it. Today I'm officially 30. I've joined the "im not in my twenties anymore" club. i mean, really i feel the same but with this burden of obligation like I should have my life figured out by now. Something other than renting a studio from my girlfriends mom and not really making shit for money at my job, and having the same piece of shit car I bought in 1998, died in 2001 and brought back from the dead in 2005 and i think is dying again. being 30 isnt bothering me as much as I thought it would but I just wish I was a little more stable. they say 30 is the new 20, but I'd rather be 20 again. my teeth hurt.

Happy Birthday to me!

Oct 18, 2006

Parking Lot Bingo

So the hate mail finally stopped pouring in. i actually got a hefty amout of positive messages defending me, my art, irony and intelligence in general. Being hated helps develop quite an appetite so I went to lunch yesterday after posting that blog. It was pretty busy at the Public Market and i drove around a few times looking for a spot. as i was drving by the front entrance I had to stop and wait for a guy to pull out of his spot. He was backing out from the left and there was another car waiting for that spot coming from my opposite direction. I didnt really care since im not a fucking parking lot nazi. I can wait... and will park in the nosebleeds if i have to. Its just a longer walk, no biggie. I can use the excersize. But this really tested my patience. So, dude backs out, ass end to me. i have to wait for him to back out and then wait for the other guy to take the spot. Then, a car on the right hand side directly adjacent to the spot i was just talking about, a car starts to back out. so, the car in front of me who was just parked waits for him. I'm sitting there kinda getting heated but not really. It was just a chaotic moment in the parking lot. but then the unbelievable happens. When the car on the right backs out and proceeds to exit the lot the guy, who was just parked on the left starts to advance. I start to chill out and accept waiting just a few more moments for everyone in front of me to get the fuck out of the lane so i can find myself a spot. possibly this nice one right up front. well, like friggin' Goldylocks the car that was in the spot on the left that started all this mess pulls forward then brakes and pulls into the new spot on the right. WHAAAT? what could the advantage of that fucking bullshit have possible been? he moved his car like 8 feet! and made me and 2 other cars wait for his lazy ass.

if youre confused, I made a diagram. It might end up making you more confused but I'm the Grey car. you can probably figure out the rest.

Oct 16, 2006

Rocked the Casbah

I have many pieces of art on a page i maintain on deviantart.com. Today I log on and see I have a shitload of new comments on one particular painting. you all know it, The Oblivious Sheik. I start reading and its all these people arguing about thier beloved Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. So I'm like whhhaaaaaaaaaat the efff? then i see that it was selected to be on the homepage as the featured Daily Deviation.

First of all its an honor to be selected for the daily deviation, too bad my its been overshadowed by people calling me a racist, a terrorist and other things in arabic i cant read. by people saying they were going to rip out my eyes and cut my hands off. nice people. real art lovers. thanks for all the (ZERO) private messages from people asking me what the piece means or if it was even supposed to be who they think it is. Just a bunch of people spouting hate like a sprinkler toy. undirected, completely ignorant, hate. not everyone hates Arabs. I have nothing against them. I wish people would get all the facts before they start making threats of violence on public websites.

if they would have asked i would have told them that the idea came from seeing a guy in really outrageous African dress in a car, but with part of his robe stuck in the door. I thought a religiously clean white robe would be even funnier. and that i just found the best source image in google i could that had "a guy" in "a robe" sitting in "that position" that i could use. and thanks to those of you who "get it" its about nobility being put in its place. namely, in a place where most of us are. and tried to do it in a funny way.

thanks to all the praise and people who supported me and understood what this harmless painting was all about. thanks also to all comments on the other pieces in my gallery.

read all the love taps here...

Time Machine... For Reals!

Get ready to have your mind blown.

The 2003 BBC documentary "The World's First Time Machine", directed by Ben Bowie and featuring Ronald Mallett, premiered in the USA on The Learning Channel on December 3, 2003. This documentary features some of Dr. Mallett's current time travel research. It has since been shown numerous times on The Science Channel.

Oct 13, 2006

realistic pet food flavors.

why is cat food beef flavored? when has a house cat ever taken down a cow? cat food should be sparrow flavored. dead mouse or dead rat flavored. i know they like tuna... but seriously how would a cat take out a tuna.. those things are huge.. and in the ocean. they could have a flavor called Resturant Garbage or, Cat Ass. I know they arent marketing it to cats but still they should flavor it with stuff cats and dogs naturally crave. They should make "cat turd" flavored dog food. or even Cat flavored dog food. Or make a dog food that tastes like his own nuts. they're always licking them anyway.

the squatter!

This may be the answer to the question raised in my last post. How to avoid pissing on the seat? eliminate the seat!

The Squatter, or 'Turkish Toilet' is pretty common overseas. Millions of non-Americans cant be wrong.

here's the arguments for and against the squatter, from the Wikipedia page.

  • They are less expensive and easier to clean and maintain
  • They are less vulnerable to vandalism
  • They induce rapid user turnover (no time lost due to people reading, resting, talking on mobile phones etc.)
  • The splashing of water on the buttocks after a heavy defecation does not occur
  • They do not involve any contact between the buttocks and a potentially unsanitary surface
  • Squatting might help to build the required pressure more comfortably and quickly
  • Squatting makes elimination faster, easier and more complete
  • Squatting may reduce the occurrence or severity of hemorrhoids [1] and possibly other colorectal disorders


A common argument against the squat toilet is that if toilet paper is used where there is no flushing system installed, it is easy for the inexperienced user to clog the toilet. Those unfamiliar with the squat toilet should be sure to ask the location of the flushing bucket before attempting use. These buckets flush the toilets manually like a tank would.

  • Risk of falling due to a wet floor or poor balance
  • Unsanitary condition of the floor due to diarrhea or inaccurate aim
  • Potential for splattering of urine or feces on the legs and feet
  • Potential for leg cramps, or discomfort for users having osteoarthritis

well the PROS do outwheigh the CONS.. fuck it, I'm getting one put in. we'll have a Chili and Curry pot-luck to celebrate.

Pretty Pottie Pee-Pee Problem

ok lets get away from LOST and onto some real-life nonsense.... I was just at starbucks and i needed to pee. someone was in there so i waited. a woman came out and laughed in the back of my head thinking that the bathroom might be stinky. Thankfully it wasnt stinky but oddly, there was piss all over the seat. all in one place like they we're either aiming or not able to see where they were peeing. that chick must have squatt-hovered over it as to not touch the seat with her ass.. but then misfired all over it. after i came out of the bathroom the woman was putting cream in her coffee at the sugar station. we made i contact and it was kind of awkward. How many ladies pee on the seat? this is a startling revelation given that men have been, pardon the phrase, pissed on over the lifting the seat issue for as long as theres been seats to piss on.

unthoughtout side rant:
honestly, i think women should put the seat up when they are done. since its there for them to sit on. we dont need no stinking seat. plus in a dark morning, sometimes drunken haze, we may not always remember to lift or have the ability to aim correctly. then walk away oblivious to the state he's leaving the seat in. women on the other hand will instantly get the brunt of thier forgetfulness and sit on the wet, cold, porcelain. lift the seat if youre sittin'. if you dont, its your own damn bed. lay in it. Just like guys do when we have to poo.

ladies, if youre confused by this notion this site will guide you through the steps..

sorry. i just thought it was ironic/gross that a chick pee'd on the seat.

LOST is getting frustrating.

I'm sorry losties, I love this damn show but LOST is getting frustrating. thats a given. but sometimes i dont know what the writers are doing. Hear me out...

Im afraid that all the mythology and easter eggs arent going to pan out. They've said that they have vowed to tone down the mythology for the show's third season. Instead, they'll place more of an emphasis on action-adventure, romance and character. I'm worried that they'll just leave a million loose ends in the sake of "character development" or whatever. and honestly, "the glass ballerina" as with the last few Jin/Sun episodes was a bunch more of the same. how many times can you say sun wasnt happy with Jin and that Jin is a bad ass with a heart underneath? That doesnt say much for the writers focusing on the characters and story.

I get it already, we want more smoke and monsters, more numbers, more connections... but more importantly, we want some of those loose ends tied up.. at least some of them. theyre introducing the others and telling more of thier story without resolving a gajillion other big twists were still curious about from 1 and 2. And how can you develop characters like the others without delving into more island mythology and explaining what it is and why they are there? Showing that Juliete and Benry needed mariage counseling isnt captivating enough for avid LOST fans. and new fans are just gonna feel more lost thinking they already gave these people's backstory and they just missed it.

we, the avid LOST fans, dont want the whole theory of the show explained, just throw us a bone once in a while. yes, you've got our attention now stop waving tid bits of interesting plot devices in front of us unless youre gonna actually come through.

Oct 12, 2006


its thursday so you know what that means. It means I watched LOST last night. It didnt really do much for me. they kinda answered some questions tho. This was a Sun/Jin flashback episode and we learned that she is a lier and has been since she was a kid. Sun was having an affair with the blald dude at the very least and lied to Jin about it. they never actually acknowledged that they bonked tho. we also have more proof that Jin so far, isnt a killer. He can whoop some ass tho.
On the island, we learned that the Others didnt know about the sailboat and possibly about desmond at all. this also implies that they didnt know about Kelvin or have any way to see inside the Swan hatch. They have observation monitors in the Hydra viewing the Hydra but not other hatches like the Pearl watched the Swan. so far we dont know who was in the Pearl watching the Swan.
Its becoming more clear that theres some internal drama going on with the others. Ben and Juliete seem to have had a relationship before and it has ended recently. This may play a role in Juliete having sympathy for the losties to spite Ben. who's full name we learned is Benjamin Linus and that he's been on the island his whole life. He claims they have contact with the outside world and to prove this he tells Jack that Bush got reelected and then shows him video tape of the RedSox winning the world series. this, to me, only proves they have cable and not neccesarily "contact" with the outside world.
Alex, aka, the chick we think is Danielles daughter, shows up hiding from the others, asking about the dude that was in the other cage. Carl. So, there may be another group of others willing to help out our losties.
at this point im just rambling and repeating the episode... no big "ooohs and aahs" in this one but we learned alot of little crap. sawyer is still a bad ass, and next week looks rad. i think Boone comes back in Zombie form...

I have photoshop tonite and I have to present my UFO pics. This is the final class of the "intro" part of it. The advanced class starts next week. its technically a different class so hopefully some of the retards wont continue on.

Oct 11, 2006

Cyborg Cats, Man Made Meat, and Explosions

ok so theres this website that I say "cool" or "neat" or "wow" whenever i visit it. It's like having some really smart friend that has some random but damn interesting thing to tell you about every time you see him. That site not coincidently is www.DamnInteresting.com.

Today there was photos of a nuclear blast from the instant it explodes. "neat". and a story about how eating your boogers is good for your immune system "cool". I also read about the CIA making Cyborg-Cat-Spys to listen in on the Soviets back in the cold-war. (wow)

The best one so far is about lab grown man-made meat! yes! NASA is working on creating meat tissue in a lab for astronauts to eat. because we all know MRE's suck. here's the "meat" of the article and the first thing i thought of when I saw it.
"This technology could spell the end of moral vegetarianism, since animals would no longer be part of the meat-producing process. But it raises some interesting questions… For instance, would it be acceptable to use one of these machines to produce meat based on human muscle tissue? Practically speaking, human meat is extremely nutritious to humans, and such vat-grown man-burgers would not have originated from a human. There would also be no risk of cannibalism-related diseases. But on the other hand… Ew."
yea! Thats no bologna... I cant wait. check out the full Damn Interesting story here.
that and all the other storys are there for your amazment at www.DamnInteresting.com.

Go Tigers!

Since the Giants are out for the season, i kinda stopped following baseball, not that I really did before but i like to keep track of my Giants. Everyone here is now rooting for the Oakland A's since its the other local team. But since they beat us in the 89 world series I've hated the A's and thier smug, "but the giants still suck" fans. Now they are in the playoffs and I'm glad theyre playing the Tigers because I hate the Yankees more than i hate the A's. I think the Yankees games were fixed after 9/11 since the world had a hard-on for NY. I'm also juiced the Mets are doing so well because they kinda got the shit end of the stick in that whole "I heart NY" crap. Also I'm just glad the Dodgers didnt make it either because I hate the Dodgers, well you know because I'm a Giants fan. So, with that being said, GO TIGERS. beat the A's so all those punk ass A's fans will shut the fuck up.

look at this bitch... ugh STFU granny!

bitter Giants fan.

Oct 10, 2006

UFO sightings

Not really, its my photoshop class final project. The assignment was make a series of 3 images that share a common theme. either process, subject or style. ideally using the shit we learned in class.

I killed myself overthinking it because there was no clear "use this technique" instructions. and since the image size had to be full screen i was limited on source images to fuck with . I had all these digital photos i took of rural northern ca and got inspired to do this subject... UFOs

here's the first one, i tried to make it look like a vintage shitty UFO photo.

this one was a lot of photoshoping. the original photo i had was the outhouses that you see on the TV. the kids was somthing i found on google images. i put the alien in the outhouse pic and added some filters to make it look like TV. then added the toy alien and the antenna on the kids.

This one was daytime. I made it look like nighttime and added the UFO.
all the original images i posted back in this post...http://kirknoggins.blogspot.com/2006/05/4-day-weekend.html

Oct 9, 2006

Funky Funky Ghetto...

i mentioned before i had to park in the back lot today because someone found a dead body right across the street from my work. (thats my work in the pic.)
it made the news...

Police Investigate Emeryville Homicide

POSTED: 7:21 am PDT October 9, 2006
Emeryville police were investigating a murder that occurred in an industrial area near the city's waterfront Sunday night, Sgt. Fred Dauer said. A man was shot to death in the 1300 block of 67th Street between Hollis Street and San Pablo Avenue, according to the sergeant. After an 8:43 p.m. call of shots fired, officers went to the area to investigate and found a Hispanic man dead with "multiple gunshot wounds," Dauer said. The city averages one to two homicides a year, according to police. According to FBI crime statistics, Emeryville had one murder in 2005 out of its population then of just over 8,000. The body has not been identified and no arrests have been made as the investigation into the slaying continues.
woo hoo! we're calling this the Columbus Day Shooting.

Adventures in McBreakfast

I know, why the hell am i even going there. I cant help it, i like McGriddles and its next to my work. At this one in particular, which is probably similar in many McDonalds across this great nation of ours, you got rude ghetto teens and spanish speaking employees.. recipe for disaster.
If you follow my blogs you know all about my Jack In The Box adventures. if not, click here. those were classics.

This morning when i got there I thought to myself that the drive thru might not have been a bad idea. the place was pretty crowded. I walked up to the line which chatoicly spilts into lines that go to two registers. after i get in line this hardened, manly woman in her 60's with surprisingly perky B and a half cups and no bra, in a dirty red tank top and messy boy/dike cut, salt and pepper hair with 80's style round rimmed light brown framed glasses. the kind 2 yr old girls get when they have eye problems, walks up to the line. she's next to me in the zone of the line that sorta splits into two. slowling, but passive aggressively inching in front of me.

Then this black kid, probably around 11 or 12 and his younger brother and even younger sister come in and get in line behind us. his street smart spidey sense recognises that one line is a bit shorter and walks by Manwoman determining which line would be faster. she rudely informs him in a 3 pack a day for 40 years voice "there's only one line" but makes no acknowlegment of the fact that I was there before her. and made sure she made her prescence closer to the register than me known with body language and subltle movements toward the shorter line.. -what a bitch

after I ordered, wondering what was taking so long, i see the worker buzzing up some mcflurries... ?? at 9am? then these 2 girls probably 13-15 walk up. the lady calls "429" the girls walk up and get thier mcmuffins and mcflurries (again, ice cream at 9am?) and then stood there saying "excuse me..EXCUSE ME" in a kind of "you-owe-me-your-attention/the customer-is-always-right" tone. then the worker who is obviously busy, so busy in fact that her brain instantly went onto thinking about the next 4 orders she had to prepare the second thier hands touched the bag answered "yes?" as if to avert thier impending crisis. one of the girls said in the same bitchy, holier than thou tone of voice "we said for here and you gave it to us to-go" I'm thinking, WHHHAAT you self riteous pieces of shit... the worker gives them a look of "are you fucking kidding me?" reaches under the counter and tosses a tray at them. seriously tho, if you want it for-here you shut the fuck up, recognise that the world doesnt revolve around you, chalk it up to a very busy underpaid staff, take your fucking bag of food and sit the fuck down. what the hell else are you missing? does the tray matter THAT much? here's the kicker... as the girls walk off i hear them behind me murmer "biitch"... UGH wtf. i blame MTV.

after i get my stuff and head towards the door i hear this construction worker who knows exacltly what he wants order confidently "Sausage McMuffin and a Large Orange soda, NO ICE!" very matter-of-fact. I hope they dont fuck up his order.

anyway, im back at the office with my McGriddle and Coffee and you know "I'm Lovin' It"

on a side note; i had to park in the back lot today. i approached the street i work on to see cop cars and crime scene tape. the "crime scene" went right by my work. i found out from co-workers that someone found a dead body right across the street at 3am this morning. appearantly they were shot. god i love this neighborhood. dead bodies, hookers, surly teens at mcdonalds, my car getting stolen from our parking lot at 9:00 in the morning. fucking awesome.

Oct 6, 2006

My dad is savage

ok so, this morning I carpooled with my dad in the infamous 85 Oldsmobile. I hate this car. read up on my history with this car on an old blog i wrote. Not only is it a piece of shit, it stinks like 100yrs worth of smoked cigarettes. As we get within a block of his work the transmission slips and doesnt shift into 2nd. He puts a quart of ATF in it and sends me on my way and says to call if it doesnt shift... well it didnt, I called and ended up revving and driving the 2 miles or so to my work in 1st gear. ugh. so 3:00 rolls around and I redline it back to my dads work. Most people faced with driving 30 or so miles on a freeway in 1st gear would usually throw in the towell and call a towtruck... or find a nice cliff to drive it off. But not my dad. My dad is the guy who would rather repair 10 old busted ass TVs he found in the trash and say "hey who's laughing now, I got 10 free TVs" than just buying one new good TV. its like some primal thrill of the hunt thing for him, which i think i may have inherited in some way. People usually just call it being cheap. we call it handy. anyway... My dad thought about it for a minute and got that look in his eye. "eh, fuck it, we can do it... we'll just take backroads" and that we did.

Plotting our course as we went trying to avoid any open roads with speed limits over 30. Downhills were good since we could coast. In nothing but 1st gear we navigated through west oakland. Adeline to Broadway... I saw parts of Oakland I never knew existed! this is when he tells me he remembers the way to go because once he drove his old VW bus home from work without a clutch cable. grinding from gear to gear trying to time the RPMS with the transmission. only my dad. Then the inevitable. the beast we knew would be the worst of this adventure... the damn Caldicott Tunnel. It was the only real throughway into Contra Costa County and it required we take this limping heap on the freeway. The side mount front wheel drive V6 was screaming as we approached the end of the onramp. Like a kid learning to dive we clenched out teeth and dove in. Frustrated commuters are tailgating. We beg for them to pass. My dad never gave into the pressure and refused to turn on the hazzard flashers. "just gotta get through this tunnel, dont wanna break down in the tunnel.." determined and pushing that bitch to the limits, revving high then letting it coast in neutral intermittenly feet at a time... we both saw the light at the end of the tunnel. literally. after the tunnel is a long downgrade that the Olds was thirsty for. He put it in Neutral and coasted down, letting the engine cool down in the process.

we skip the first exit and not really sure take the next one. we had to because after that was a long uphill curve on the highway. After that it was guessing and instinct that got us out of Orinda. "is it this way?" as we venture further and further from the highway. Further into residential hills and narrow streets. "i dunno that looks like more houses i think the freeway was over there" "ok lets take the left" Every turn seemed like we were lost as the tree cover got darker and the roads less maintained. Then luckily we'd see something familiar and keep on trucking. Eventually we'd make it to a place we knew well but what we knew of it was 55mph roads and uphill grades. so we turned right at Pleasant Hill Road instead of left. crap now where are we? we asked a kid walking up this hill if this would take us to Walnut Creek. the sweaty out of breath teen replied "yea" with a tone of his voice that rang "oh please give me a ride and dont be a serial killer" we didnt pick him up. he was probably better off walking than us lost in this piece of shit car. so we continued and ended up exactly where we wanted to be. any other day down town walnut creek would be a nightmare with traffic and lights and uppity pedestrians. but today in the car with one gear, it was our savior. stop and go all the way down main st.

now its 4:30 and we're almost home. weaved and revved and coasted our way through Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and now we in the home stretch.. Pacheco Blvd. but wait "dad, pacheco is like 45 mph and there arent a lot of lights what way should we go?" damn almost home.. but we know Tinez like the back of our hands so we went the back, back road long way.

now its 5:30 and we pull into the driveway. put the car in Park finally and both think to ourselves "that car is gonna be sitting there for a while"

god i hate that car. But i love my Dad. Only my dad would drive a car in 1st gear from oakland to martinez.

FireFox - get it! (sliced bread part III)

If youre still using Internet Explorer you should be kicked in the balls. Firefox is the best thing since sliced bread. ..and if youre using AOL just go hang yourself.
with Tabs customizable Themes and rad Extensions like Adblock, Webmail compose, Menu Editor and Disable Backspace Navigaition.. my life is that much easier.

I havent seen a banner ad in almost a year. I got rid of the useless "help" from my menubar. consolodated all my icons and searches into one navigation bar. and now with the disable backspace thing I dont accidently go "back" to the previous page when i hit backspace in a form. I just got "Mouse Gestures" that allows you to just move your mouse up and over to open a new window. I still have to set it up, theres tons of settings. And by chance the page youre trying to view can only be viewed in Internet Explorer, theres a cool plug in called IETab that opens IE in a new tab right inside FF. problem solved with one browser window open, and Pacman on pause
on my Google Home page in another tab.

I cant begin to tell you how awesome FF is.
please, go here now.

speaking of sliced bread, Google kicks ass too. (and plays well with Firefox)

Oct 5, 2006


I blacked out this post for people who didnt want to get spoiled for Season 3. Select the text to read.
I also removed the pictures.

So the "BE HERE" in class was for an evaluation thing of how good our teacher was doing. That ended at like 8:15, i hauled ass in the lab and got my assignment done. then i hauled ass in the rain and made it in the door by 8:56. ran to the TV and flipped it to ABC.

I end up watching it with Meg, her sister and her mom. Noobs I tell ya. I'm officially sick of people who watched last night that havent seen all of season 1 and 2. they ask all these dumb questions and expect me to catch them up on whats going on. ARE YOU KIDDING? this isnt fucking Survivor or Law & Order. And i wish they would stop promoting it with articles about how Lost is great because "you can start watching whenever"... its network hype so people arent afraid to watch their precious hit show when people know nothing about it. ... how are people even supposed to know the first scene was a flashback? "OMG theres another plane crash?"

anyway, so I'm watching, trying to give 2000% attention and block out everyone making noise.

WTF? the others have a little hood on the island? crazy! anyway, here's some thoughts and updated theories after watching last night. If youre confused its ok. go rent the fucken DVDs.

i still think the plane crash could have been planned since it seemed like the others had a plan for what to do. it wasn't like they stood there freaking out. they knew what had to be done. very organized. As far as staged or people being moved after crashing, maybe someone's setting up the others. it seems less likely now, but not impossible.

I still think there could be 2 groups of others. the "good guys" who dress haggard to try to blend in with the real haggards, the "bad guys" who are more mysterious and might be the source of the whispers.

The info on Jack, IMO was attained by interrogating Kate. She returned from a nice breakfast on the beach crying and with jacked up wrists from the cuffs... something happened, your wrists dont get jacked like that from eating eggs bennedict. and i wouldnt be surprised to see a Kate confessing to telling them stuff scene. she just might do it to save her own behind. Also, Fenry AKA Ben, said "good job" or something after Juliette pulled the file on jack. i only think the file was fake beacause she didnt have it right away. she was asking him crap she'd know already. it took time to get info from kate. at first she used info Fenry picked up on while in the hatch. character traits and things like that.

if i'm wrong about that, I think the blood they took, hence the bandaid and cottonballs, was for DNA. and they used thier DNA to get thier records. i like the Kate theory better. its more sinister.

how much truth was there to the Repo man answer? theres a lot we dont know about him. tattoos, Thailand for example.

Juliete is a doctor... they all are. remember the scenes with claire? a room full of white coats.

where is Alex? she seemed to roll with the others but hasnt been seen since. did they find out she let claire go?

where is Bea? she wasnt with the others in the neighborhood. she seemed like she was important.

who is Carl (thats the name right?) the guy in the other cell? was the escape set up? if he could escape, why did he choose right then? seems kinda sketchy.


Oct 4, 2006

LOST, new season Tonite!!

so, the night i've been waiting for all summer has arrived...the Premier of Season 3 of my favorite show LOST.
the bad news is that I have fucking AutoCad class tonite. Usually I'd just skip class but tonite, out of all the nights on the schedule the teacher put "BE HERE" for what were going to be doing that day. shit. so whatever "BE HERE" means, i hope it doesnt take up the whole class and i can cut out in time to catch LOST. fuck a duck. oh well, shouldnt be a problem, its just some night class at the JC.

here's some spoiler screen shots.

awesome. yes, im a total nerd but fortunatly, some of my friends are coming out of the woodwork who just finished the DVDs and are now hooked. I'll have more people (in real life) to talk about lost with.

Oct 3, 2006

Need a tattoo?

because appearantly my art looks good on skin! someone I dont know wrote me a while ago saying they liked my art and asked if they could get it tattoed on them. I replied enthusiasticly but never thought i'd hear from them again. Then today i just got an email from them with pics of thier new tattoos.

I found your homepage a while back ago. Your stuff is awesome! I get all happy and can't stop smiling when I visit your page....Now, to the thing I wanted to ask you... The skulls you have, Skullguy and Black Angel Skull.. Is there any possibility that I can get your approval to get a tattoo of one of them?

and then she did it.. look!

I wrote you a while back about one of your thingys I wanted to get a tattoo of. The little skull with wings and a halo? Well, I've done it now, this weekend I put the tattoos on my feet. I've only got a sucky camshot of them right now. I'm gonna take a real pic of them when they're healed, send you that one in a while.

fucking rad. thanks Emelie you made my day.

Oct 2, 2006

Verizon Sucks Part 3

can you hear me now? No, your head is up my ass and in my fucking wallet.

so, I started to notice my battery cover on my phone wasnt fitting right.. like it wasnt closing all the way.. then it started to not stay charged for more than an hour... then.. i noticed it was all because my battery was bulging. it looked like it was about to explode. and with the recent laptop exploding battery recalls i took it to verizon and they said it was because i overcharged it.. ugh.. then they overcharged me for a new battery .. sonsa bitches. They said 2-3 hours is a full charge.. 6 is pushing it. Funny ive never had a problem before with my 100 other phones, when i charge it over night. i even bought the phone insurance last time and they said it doesnt cover the battery. fucking scumbags!

I'm so switching to Cingular just so i can rub the rollover minutes in Verizon's face every month.

in other news, i went to a wedding yesterday and saw a bunch of really drunk old people. and I took a really stinky shit in a Hollywood Video unisex.

happy monday!