Oct 11, 2006

Go Tigers!

Since the Giants are out for the season, i kinda stopped following baseball, not that I really did before but i like to keep track of my Giants. Everyone here is now rooting for the Oakland A's since its the other local team. But since they beat us in the 89 world series I've hated the A's and thier smug, "but the giants still suck" fans. Now they are in the playoffs and I'm glad theyre playing the Tigers because I hate the Yankees more than i hate the A's. I think the Yankees games were fixed after 9/11 since the world had a hard-on for NY. I'm also juiced the Mets are doing so well because they kinda got the shit end of the stick in that whole "I heart NY" crap. Also I'm just glad the Dodgers didnt make it either because I hate the Dodgers, well you know because I'm a Giants fan. So, with that being said, GO TIGERS. beat the A's so all those punk ass A's fans will shut the fuck up.

look at this bitch... ugh STFU granny!

bitter Giants fan.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

FUCK YOU! A's will make a come back!