Oct 10, 2006

UFO sightings

Not really, its my photoshop class final project. The assignment was make a series of 3 images that share a common theme. either process, subject or style. ideally using the shit we learned in class.

I killed myself overthinking it because there was no clear "use this technique" instructions. and since the image size had to be full screen i was limited on source images to fuck with . I had all these digital photos i took of rural northern ca and got inspired to do this subject... UFOs

here's the first one, i tried to make it look like a vintage shitty UFO photo.

this one was a lot of photoshoping. the original photo i had was the outhouses that you see on the TV. the kids was somthing i found on google images. i put the alien in the outhouse pic and added some filters to make it look like TV. then added the toy alien and the antenna on the kids.

This one was daytime. I made it look like nighttime and added the UFO.
all the original images i posted back in this post...http://kirknoggins.blogspot.com/2006/05/4-day-weekend.html

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