Oct 3, 2006

Need a tattoo?

because appearantly my art looks good on skin! someone I dont know wrote me a while ago saying they liked my art and asked if they could get it tattoed on them. I replied enthusiasticly but never thought i'd hear from them again. Then today i just got an email from them with pics of thier new tattoos.

I found your homepage a while back ago. Your stuff is awesome! I get all happy and can't stop smiling when I visit your page....Now, to the thing I wanted to ask you... The skulls you have, Skullguy and Black Angel Skull.. Is there any possibility that I can get your approval to get a tattoo of one of them?

and then she did it.. look!

I wrote you a while back about one of your thingys I wanted to get a tattoo of. The little skull with wings and a halo? Well, I've done it now, this weekend I put the tattoos on my feet. I've only got a sucky camshot of them right now. I'm gonna take a real pic of them when they're healed, send you that one in a while.

fucking rad. thanks Emelie you made my day.


jimbizzle said...

Kick ass! now you have real and temp tattoos with you art!

Anonymous said...

What an honor! i feel like she feels your shit is tattoo worthy! (had a glass of rum and pepsi!) now ou haave a walking living breathing piece your art.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

That's a hell of a lot of bragging rights right there on her pretty little feet. Nice job, buddy!

Anonymous said...

shoulda taken commission...

Kirk said...

ok anonymous, commission? i didnt even do anything. the art was already done.. it wasnt a commission job. plus im lucky they even asked. there could be a ton of kirkart tattoos out there i dont even know about. my art is on the world wide web.