Oct 2, 2006

Verizon Sucks Part 3

can you hear me now? No, your head is up my ass and in my fucking wallet.

so, I started to notice my battery cover on my phone wasnt fitting right.. like it wasnt closing all the way.. then it started to not stay charged for more than an hour... then.. i noticed it was all because my battery was bulging. it looked like it was about to explode. and with the recent laptop exploding battery recalls i took it to verizon and they said it was because i overcharged it.. ugh.. then they overcharged me for a new battery .. sonsa bitches. They said 2-3 hours is a full charge.. 6 is pushing it. Funny ive never had a problem before with my 100 other phones, when i charge it over night. i even bought the phone insurance last time and they said it doesnt cover the battery. fucking scumbags!

I'm so switching to Cingular just so i can rub the rollover minutes in Verizon's face every month.

in other news, i went to a wedding yesterday and saw a bunch of really drunk old people. and I took a really stinky shit in a Hollywood Video unisex.

happy monday!


jimbizzle said...

Welcome to the Cingular family. It's not bad.

Anonymous said...

I love to shit in a unisex and leave it smelling like a stink bomb! poor bass terd that has to go in after me. word of advice cingular is nooooooo better!